PWG Mystery Vortex III: Rock and Shock The Nation [Results]

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 27, 2015.

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  1. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla held it's "Mystery Vortex" show Friday night, and were joined by an unlikely guest. Star of the hit sitcom Modern Family Sofia Vergara appeared at the event, and posted a photo on Instagram, which you can see at the bottom of the page.

    PWG also made headlines last year when UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey was in the crowd at an event, and got involved in the form of a knife-edge chop. She was joined by Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, as well as Jessamyn Duke, who has beenrumored to garner WWE interest of late.

    As we mentioned earlier, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla also announced their full lineup for this year's Battle of Los Angeles Tournament. Many TNA, ROH, and Lucha Underground stars will be included in the three day tourney. You can see full results from Friday's show below:

    Here are full results from the "Mystery Vortex" show, thanks to PWPonderings.

    * Young Bucks win the PWG Tag Team Championship from Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett. Roderick Strong interferes on behalf of the Bucks, and Super Dragon joins them to beome the new Mount Rushmore

    * Zack Sabre Jr defeats Chris Hero via armbar

    * Brian Cage defeats John Silver

    * Roderick Strong retains the PWG Title by defeating Mike Bailey with two Orange Crush Backbreakers

    * Biff Busick defeats Timothy Thatcher via headlock choke

    * World's Cutest Tag Team defeats Monster Mafia via top rope reverse huracanrana

    * Tomasso Ciampa defeated Johnny Gargano via Project Ciampa


    Sofia Vergara :fap:

    Also, can't wait to watch the show!
  2. Dragon is one of my favorite wrestlers ever, but isn't he like one brainbuster away from eternal rest?
  3. Hopefully he is not.

  4. Fairly certain that ain't the OG Dragon. Moves way too spry for being that badly bumped to pieces.
  5. Mystery Vortex III was awesome!

    - Ciampa vs Gargano was a good show opener. ***¼
    Despite the match being good and physical, I wanted more out of this 18 minute bout. While Johnny worked his ass off, Ciampa was kinda lukewarm.
    He finally came to life in the homestretch where he was like "A'ight, fuck it. I'll kill this sumbitch dead" and then hit a Project Ciampa out of nowhere!
    He followed it up with a Suplex-Knee combo and delivered another Project Ciampa to put Gargano away.

    - World's Cutest Tag Team vs Monster Mafia was good. ***
    Fun match with Candice being the star here. Whenever she was involved, the match just kicked it up a notch.
    The World's Cutest Tag Team picked up the win when Candice hit a Reverse Rana off the top rope and pinned Alexander.
    This was Josh Alexander's last match in his short PWG run. Big Josh went out on a high note. #ThankYouJosh
    Post-match, Ethan Page turned on his partner much to the displeasure of the Reseda crowd.
    Page's heel run in PWG shall be fun. #AllEgoBaybay

    - Biff Busick vs Timothy Thatcher was good for the time given. ***¼
    The EVOLVE rivalry between Thatcher and Biff continues over to PWG... As this was TT's PWG debut.
    The match was tense, technical and I enjoy that stuff.
    Biff picked up the win by tapping Thatch out with a devastating Choke Hold.

    - Roddy vs Speedball was great and ton of fun! ****½
    Stop whatever you're doing ATM and go watch this match!
    They were on fire from the get-go, Bailey murdered Roddy with a Spin Kick and from there, it was just BAM!
    It was a bout between the ultimate underdog and a dickhead heel champ, and I loved every bit of this match.
    Bailey fell short in the end, but it had to take two End of Heartaches in order for Roddy to defeat the Speedball.

    - Cage vs Silver was fun. ***
    I liked the dynamic here. Cage is simply a machine, while Silver is this small dude, but totally reeks of energy and charisma, and can also play the power game. That size disparity worked well here and got Silver over. Silver got some strength spots and all, but would eventually fall to the Discus Lariatooo of the man they call Cage.

    - Zack Sabre vs Chris Hero was a great see-saw battle. ****½
    This was just brutal and greatly enjoyed. After a grueling war, Sabre won after reversing a Gotch Style Piledriver into Kimura, then turned it into a seated Fujiwara Armbar and then proceeded to kick Hero's freakin' head in before the ref called for the stoppage.

    - The Young Bucks vs Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett was a great ME! ****
    The Bucks are the new PWG tag team champs, baybay!
    The post-match angle and the creation of Mount Rushmore 2.0 and them causing havoc was also a great segment!
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