News Naked Trump statue pops up in U.S. cities

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Extraterrestrial, Aug 19, 2016.

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  1. Naked, life-size statues of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump debuted at famous public spaces in several U.S. cities this morning, including: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Cleveland.

    The artist behind the political art project, titled “The Emperor Has No Balls,” is Las Vegas-based sculptor Ginger, who told the Washington Post he became enraged after Trump mocked a disabled New York Times reporter months ago.

    Ginger, who says he has considerable experience designing and creating monsters for horror flicks and haunted houses, also told the Post he spent 25 hours a week over the course of five months working on the anti-Trump protest pieces.

    You can view video of Ginger’s statue-making process below.

    - Naked Trump statue pops up in U.S. cities...including Cleveland

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  2. I see so many anti- Trump things... and Not enough for Hillary. Hillary is just as wicked and crooked as he is... But she knows the right people to keep herself cloaked I guess.
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  3. I wanna see someone makr one of Hillary for all the feminist social justice warriors
  4. You know, you would be hard pressed to find someone who supports Hillary Clinton more than me while equally despising Donald Trump. However, the people who did this have sunk to an unacceptable level. I find Donald to be a vile human being, but this transcends the level of decency that politics should allow.

    The person who did this is probably claiming that it is a sort of artistic integrity... that the statues represent something on the line of the emperor's new clothes... but they are wrong. Both Donald and Hillary should be judged by their words and their actions, NOT anything else.

    This election has a lot of importance. We live in a country that is as divided now as much as it was during the Civil War. Ever since I was a teenager, I have believed that this country will eventually collapse on itself. Now as a quadragenarian, I have seen NOTHING to dissuade me from that idea.

    We are in a bad and scary place. This is just another example of that.
  5. Haven't you noticed a trend with this election? It is all about social media and who shakes the internet the most. Trump is being used by a lot of people to gain attention and fame. He don't care one bit about the statue and said he actually likes it. I personally feel this whole election process has been a joke from everyone involved, not just Trump. It is like a giant Twitter war or something. It is honestly cringe worthy. The people who protest with things like this don't help either. Everyone has the right to support who they want, but because I don't support either one of them, all I see is BS across the board. It is a shame that this has to be thee most embarrassing election in US history not just by how Trump and Hillary are acting, but how a huge portion of the voters are. Violently lashing out at each other, starting riots, "art" like this, discriminating people for having a different view... It makes me sick.
  6. It scares me. We live in a world dominated by hate and anger. Neither Donald or Hillary will solve this. In fact, I think that after this election, we're going to live in even a more hateful world than we already do.
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  7. I agree completely. The world is all about self worship and doing what only pleases "thyself". That is the biggest issue. If people started looking beyond themselves and trying to understand others through love, then the world will change. This election wont change it and if anything, will make this country divide even more. Like you said, doesn't matter who wins. People are only kidding themselves to think either candidate has the power to change this mess.

    And I hate to say it but it is going to have to fall apart and break completely before it can be fixed, and that isn't going to be fun to go thorough for anyone. Just like a fractured wrist... It has to be completely broken in order to heal.
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  8. Yup... you are right. And I probably lean towards Hillary because I love women and want to see a woman president in my lifetime.... but I am scared for our future.
  9. Same, it is scary. It wont be good but it has to happen. :downer: :cry:
  10. Saw this on the news the other day.

    So, is the Hillary statue coming or what? Either way, why would anyone waste their time doing something like this?
  11. Only Christ can save us.
  12. No. Only We can save us.
  13. Found this on Tumblr. lol

    WWE Superstars Finishing Donald Trump: An Illustrated Guide

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    German Suplex
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