Name 3-5 of the worst wrestlers from the last decade (WWE)

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    Just thinking about how much better the in ring quality is now compared to about 10 years ago in the WWE. One thing I can say about the New Era is that even if it may still not be "New" yet to all,the quality of the performances from the wrestlers are dramatically better. So that got me thinking about wrestlers who just totally suck in the ring.
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  2. 1. Eva Marie
    2. Great Khali
    3. Boogeyman
    4. Original Sin Cara
  3. 1.Sin Cara
    2.The Great Khali
    4.Brodus Clay
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    1.The great Khali (This guy actually killed someone with a flapjack!)
    2.Eva Marie (All botch everything)
    3.Sin Cara (Botch Cara)
    4.David Ortunga (Never wondered why he was on commentary)
    5.Cameron(The forgotten funkadactyl)
  5. 1) Eva Marie
    2) The Ultimate Warrior (Yeah, I said it)
    3) Kelly Kelly
    4) Original Sin Cara
    5) The Great Khali
  6. I can't only just pick a top 5 cause there have been many. I will say off the top of my head though... Eva Marie, Khali, Alex Riley, and I am sorry but as of the last 5 years, Big Show has been awful to watch.
  7. I have to admit...I struggle with negative topics like this...
    I mean no matter who I pick...there sure to at least better
    than I would be in the ring.

    Plus I've been away from wrestling for a long time...and
    I've missed seeing so many great moments and just as
    many terrible ones I'm sure.

    The quality of wrestling is SO much better than back in
    the Attitude Era...guys like Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins,
    Bray Wyatt, Rusev and of course AJ Styles and Cesaro.

    Even Roman Reigns, in my opinion, is actually really
    good in the while I understand the booing...
    The "You can't wrestle!" chants leave me a bit

    The main difference now days is the women's
    wrestling...which is now actual real wrestling...
    Unlike the Attitude Era...which was just an excuse
    to see some skin...which at the time I enjoyed...but
    it truly is amazing that the WWE now has these
    amazing athletic ladies who can wrestle...and they
    are still some of the most beautiful women in the world.

    But on topic...

    I recently watched some "old" footage of Eva Marie wrestling...
    Well...not really wrestling...more like a collection of botches...
    And it just made me cringe...and laugh...apparently Summer
    Rae is a piece of dog poop.

    But again...who knows...may-be she has improved?
  8. Dolph Ziggler
    Sami Zayn

  9. put some respekt on Otunga's name.
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  10. 1. Great Khali
    2. Rosa Mendez (remember her?)
    3. Cameron
    4. Goldberg (ask Brett Hart)
    5. Sincara
  11. Ultimate Warrior epitomized the last decade of WWE!

    and Sin Cara is a great wrestler, but was too lazy and too fucking stupid to wrestle in WWE.
  12. Great Khali, Eva, original Sin Cara, Cameron, Tamina
  13. 1. Sin Cara 2011 one all that hype and just botches everywhere.
    2. Eva Marie, impossible not to say her at all.
    3. Ryback, looked so dangerous in the ring.
    4.Summer Rae same as Cameron but with this :

    5. Cameron, her matches were so painfully to watch.
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  14. Eva Marie

    The Great Khali

    Sin Cara oriiginal

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  15. Sin Cara sucked all ass @Roadster
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  16. Otunga was a bum!
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  17. No @Grievous, I'm sure your a way better wrestler then Eva Marie:fact:
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  18. And the award for most uneducated post goes to..........

    I'm with Roadster here. There's a reason the original Sin Cara was the biggest draw in modern lucha libre. The dude is a fantastic worker. With him it was much more a case of attitude than actual lack of skill. The guy refused to learn English and his work suffered for it.
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  19. Look at you all hating on the great Great Khali....:smirk2:
  20. The reason why I put Sin Cara original so high is more of his work in WWE and refusal to adapt his style. It left things very sloppy in the ring and it hurt him a lot....both legitimacy wise, and physically hurt him. That for me puts him on my list.
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