Name Cesaro & Kidd's team

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Dec 31, 2014.

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  1. So, since Cesaro and Kidd seem to be a team moving forward, what should they be called?

    The supposed creative given team name is "Masters of the WWE Universe", which is just....yeah...we can do better.

    Personally: I'd call them Kings of the Ring.

    What would you call them?
  2. Unable To Connect With The Audience
  3. "Cesaro and the Bitch"
    "Team Swing" (Cesaro swings people, Tyson swings with his wife with other couples)
    "Team Quicksand" (Two Characters that had something going and then got buried super fast.
    "Tysaro" (Stupid Name Combining both of their names)

    Lol idk, I'm not a fan of this team sooo my names are going to be biased just trying to make them look stupid.
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  4. Or just call it 'The Jabroni Squad' consisting of two great wrestlers.
  5. The sexiest man of all time and Kidd
  6. Kidd & Play?
    I think they're talented wrestlers neither of them are "great" IMO, if they were they wouldn't have been buried after each had a respective push.
  7. They are great, imo. Cesaro, especially.

    But to each his own, though.

    And who's fault is that they're buried? Theirs? No, not entirely true. A senile, clueless Vinnie Mac fucked 'em up.
  8. Vanilla Cringe.
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  9. Their in ring abilities far exceed their mic skills, neither of the two are good on the mic by any means IMO.
  10. Never said their mic skills were good. Neither of these two are Dean Ambrose on the mic, obviously. However, their in ring skills speak for them instead. That's all.
  11. I forgot who proposed it first (think it might've been THG) but The UpperCats does have a good ring to it. The Kings of the Ring, FACT is somewhat also lengthy but it combines the two well.
  12. Yeah, but isn't it easier to give 'em a crappy name like 'Masters of the WWE Universe'? lol
  13. Lucky Pierre and the Swiss Tickler.
  14. Vanilla Cringe is my favorite so far
  15. lol wait this is really a thing? I feel bad for Cesaro
  16. It is a thing, apparently.

    But, I guess it's better for him to be in a team than jobbing every week. Not like the team of Cesaro & Kidd won't be jobbing later on, but you get the point.
  17. I'm actually a fan of Tyson Kid, but I have to somewhat agree. Talent wise, he's not close to being in Cesaro's league.

    But who knows, it might end up being a good tag team. The New Age Outlaws were made up of a failed tag wrestler and a jobber to the stars. WWF took two guys who no one cared about at all and they meshed.

    And no, I'm not comparing the talents of the two teams and makeshift tag teams are not always successful. But it could happen.

    Biggest problem though, if they are successful, they'll break them up a bury Cesaro.
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  18. Tyson Kidd fan here, as well. But I like Cesaro so much better.

    It's not like Cesaro hasn't been buried before. Which is a shame.

    Sure, they'll push this team. I've seen their matches on ME, and then they'll just feed 'em to whomever they please. Then, both Cesaro and Kidd will go back to being irrelevant.
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  19. Lances Storm, for their charisma
  20. [​IMG]

    Double team move is pretty cool.
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