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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by HeatherSays, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Anyway we could have something where it shows users previous names on their profile? There is a thing that says "name changes" but it seems to say 0 for everyone. Maybe that could be utilized? It just can get a bit confusing.
  2. Yeah that plugin isn't working for some reason. It did before, but I think it's because we used to allow name changers through your profile. Now we just do them through ModCP, but I'm not sure. I might ask Solidus to see if he knows about it,.
  3. Cool. That would be great if it did. I hate talking to someone and wondering who they are... ><
  4. So do I. Every plugin seems to eventually break on here. I blame Seabs personally.
  5. #ThanksRoss.
  6. I agree as sometimes I know I'm talking to someone I know but who?

    Obvs it's a task on ur part but hopes we get this going.
  7. :win:
    Finally a suggestion people like haha.
  8. #blameSeabssincehewasstaffwellshithasstartedtohitthefanalotmoreyetwestilllovehim
  9. #UseCapitalLettersYouNoob
  10. #SeabsIsDyslexicRemember

  11. Only slightly.
  12. #DontusecapsontwittersofuckuSeabswhatugonnadohaha
  13. I am dyslexic, too. I was not able to read his post at all.
  14. Colonel Sanders > Ronald McDonald.

    I'm not even sure if it's possible but I could be "typing dyslexic" if that is an actual thing, my spelling is strong on hand written work but whilst typing it usually goes to shit.
  15. #CrapsorryididntrealisetherewaspeoplethatweredyslexiconhereiapologisetoyouallandgiveyoumyforgivenessandihopethatthingslikethisdontcauseissuesbetweenusallasiwoudntwantthatespeciallywithyouSeabs



    Will give u that but I love chicken!
  16. I don't think many can when it's like that, it's to do with the brain.


    I think there is but cba to google it, go check. I'm the same but I type like 132 WPM so it's basically down to me typing faster than I think. So I sometimes make no sense at all. inb4alwaysmakenosense.

    Not even going to try and read that hash tag.
  17. I can't.... lol I could read it but not easily. ><
  18. #youallsuckathashtagging
  19. oh thank god, i needed a locksmith hundreds of miles away.
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