Name for DZ and Ryback?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Feb 7, 2015.

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  1. Be creative. What would you name them if you were in WWE creative?

    Ziggleback maybe? Too much like Nickelback for my tastes lol.

    Team Dinner and a Show? (You know "Feed Me More" and the "Show Off")

    Maybe "The Guys of Various Size"? (Big guy and Lil guy)

    C'mon. Whatta you guys got?
  2. Well, considering the name 'Masters of the WWE Universe' was taken by Cesaro/Kidd... They're not gonna be named that, so we're good.

    Ziggleback or Ryziggler is kinda cheesy, so...

    Other than that, let's see here: The Hungry Guys, Feed Us More (kinda cheesy, it'd be better off as a chant).
    Da Big Guy and Da Lil Guy is something that's bearable for me, but I doubt they'll go with that one.
  3. "We've got nothing for Ziggler even though he is one of the 5 most over guys on the roster so here is this shitty tag team with some talentless hack" has a decent ring
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  4. I can see the t-shirt graphics now
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  5. Ziggler & The ****
  6. The volatile moose and the vanilla midget
  7. Los Matadores
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  8. Goldberg 2.0 and Dolph Lundgren 2.0
  9. Show Shocked?
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  10. If the creative team is too lazy to think about anything else for Ziggler than a shitty tag team, they're prolly too lazy to invent a name for it too.
  11. That's...pretty good, actually
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  12. Beauty & The Beast
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  13. I'll do you one better - Team "Show Me Off More" :awyeah:
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  14. The Bald Guy & The Bleach Blond
  15. Concussed and concusser
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  16. Best one thus far! :lol1:
  17. Thunder Bad Asses
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