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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nikki Nitro, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. Mine is Tiny Tim the Tickler.
  2. Dr. Alexander Ivan Eldon Peterson ESQ.
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  3. Samantha Perrywinkle

    And Joey's cat name is Snowflake Merryweather
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  4. Dona'd Trumps cat name is Domingo Tubbybottom :trump3::trump2::trump:


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  5. My serial killer name is "Ronny The Fluffer"
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  6. My cat name is "Jam-jam Perrywinkle"
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  7. Huh... I guess Im Nightmare Periwinkle.
    How rude! :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. Ummm....
    "Tiny Tim the Tickler"
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  9. *Scratches head* Umm... Yeah. About that.....
  10. Hey, What about @Project Jonny? He is "Ronny the Fluffer"!
    I mean.... Really? What is there to FLUFF? LOL
  11. Me:

    Contented Fluffy Cat
    Your life is just awesome. You love napping in the sun, have a long bath or simply relax. People love you for your cuddliness and laid-back personality. Running around and acting crazy is beneath you.
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  12. germanshepherd.png
    German Shepherd
    Like the German Shepherd (or Alsatian) you are a very intelligent, focused individual. You are hard working and outspoken about what you believe in. Although you distrust strangers, you are very loving to those close to you and would protect them with your life. Once someone earns your friendship, you are a devoted friend who would walk the extra mile for your friends.
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  13. Serial Killer: Dr. Christopher Thaddeus Eldon Peterson ESQ.

    Kitten:no. you ain't tricking me.

    Zombies: I'm surviving.

    Cat:no. you ain't tricking me.

    Dog: Bulldog
    Although your earlier ancestors might have been trained to be bloodthirsty bullfighters, you are all for love, not war. You are sweet and sociable, but those who cross you will encounter great stubbornness. For the rest, you are easy-going and very laid-back, often a bit of a couch potato. Running around outside like a crazy thing is not for you. You do have a "don't mess with me" appearance, however.
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  14. A fluffer is a person who works on a p0rn movie set to get the actors prepared for action by.... ummm... yeah..