Name good movies starring Nicholas Cage

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  1. The goal is to see if we can get passed 10, go.
  2. *Nicolas

    Ghost Rider
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  3. National Treasure
    The Rock (admittedly more due to the presence of Sean Connery)
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High (also not due to his presence)
    The Cotton Club (ditto)
    Raising Arizona
    Leaving Las Vegas

    And he was a Producer on Shadow of the Vampire

  4. Con Air
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  5. Dammit I was ninja'd. :downer:
  6. Con-Air was alright despite Cage's awful attempt at a Southern least for about 3/5 of the movie.

    And it did have Danny Trejo and John Malkovich in it.

  7. Oh, I thought we were gonna post his movies one by one. Oh well...

    The Frozen Ground
    Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
    Tokarev aka Rage
    Gone in 60 seconds
  8. John Malkovic in Con Air was the first bad a** bald white guy....before Stone Cold.... and before Breaking Bad
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  9. nothing makes me sadder than the agent lost his bladder in the airrrrrrrrrrrrrr plane
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  10. And even though I started it by mentioning Malkovich and Trejo, we cannot ignore Steve Buscemi's Garland Greene.

    "I drove through six States wearing one lady's head as a hat."

    If you spend more than a couple of minutes thinking about the character, he really is one of the more disturbing characters in what is essentially a "popcorn" movie.

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  11. The Rock

    Edit - Notice WK already mentioned The Rock... I really can't think of too many good ones besides The Rock, Con-Air, OH WAIT... noone mentioned Face-Off yet.. or the National Treausre films.
  12. How can no one mention Face-Off, one of the greatest action/thrillers ever (in my humble opinion, of course)?
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  13. Not just that, but how eloquent he spoke. At the time, villains were uneducated murderers with no class.
    Cyrus Grissom was articulate, smart and hated rapists. He didn't have henchman, only means to an end
    I cringe seeing movies featuring criminals who have a beat and a half of education.... it doesn't works, folks.
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  14. lol was editing my post to mention it when you posted this

    Also.. National Treasure 1 & 2 and Peggy Sue Got Married
  15. Lord of War and Gone in 60 seconds.
  16. I mentioned National Treasure 1.....and I'm trying to forget National Treasure 2.

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  17. I hear you... it was slightly (sarcasm) unbelievable lol But I'm a sucker for those types of films.. a mixture of action, adventure, history, and intrigue. I had to overlook the breaking into the oval office and kidnapping the president parts and just try to forget them.. once they were forgotten it wasn't so bad lol
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  18. I just think it can't be that good of a movie when not even Ed Harris can save it.


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  19. Cage is a victim of his own hype. He believes he can do any movie, when he can't just do any movie.
    It took thirty years for Robert De Niro to even believe he could do comedy... yet not even De Niro does true action films.
    Most actors know their limits and what they shouldn't take (case in point: Will Smith declined Matrix), but not Cage.

    Nicolas Cage thinks he can take any role and make it work. Even John Travolta thinks thats too much.
    If Nick Cage thought he could get away with playing an infant on the live screen, he would do it.
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  20. I think Face Off was the only movie I'd rate as "good" that he starred in.
    I am picky though.
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