Name Kidd and Gabriels tag team

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. So they are actually serious with this team :yay:

    Source PWmania
  2. :yay:!!!

    There's nothing to go on with gimmicks (please, nothing involving the Cape Town Werewolf... Eww) so maybe New Kids Rising? Idk.
  3. Still a better lovestory than twilight.
  4. inb4 WWE just do the typical "merge the names together". Tyson Gabriel doesn't sound good.
  5. If they have to use Gabriels capetown werewolf theme I'd say The Dungeon Wolfs. Doesn't sound half as a stupid as the capetown werewolf.
  6. inb4 WWE doesn't even bother like they didn't do with Epico and Primo, London and Kendrick, even Kofi and Truth.

    Dungeon Wolves doesn't sound that bad... it sounds like a couple of hungry animals.
  7. I thought Kofi and Truth were Little Boom, thats what i heard at least.
  8. The vanilla midgets.
  9. Make gabriel get a haircut that doesnt look like he cuts himself after they lose. People are all for a Slater push, but two high flyers wont work? Kidd is long past deserving some kind of push and gabriel has been good to great since coming back. Flipping neck breaker off the top rope, son.
  10. Kidd n Gabe
  11. They dont need a name T_T
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