Name Live Events you went to.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Victoria Justice, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. I have been to summerslam 2010 Fav part of that night Dx Match

    Also im going to my first live show in 2 years raws coming to richmond soon :emoji_wink:
  2. A fake WWE event that a college put on near me as a drama nite! Was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life.

    Other than that none as everytime it's in the UK I always get stitched with working. :emoji_slight_frown:
  3. Raw house show around the time of heel tista's run and the maximum impact tour at Nottingham.
  4. None. #UKSucks
  5. LoL Im moving to the uk for college in a few years ill try to stay in touch with you guys maybe we can meat one day and talk about WWE
  6. I went to a local indy-fed, can't remember the name for the life of me, back in 2001.

    I also went to a Smackdown episode back in 2002.

    My next live event will be TNA Sacrifice, and the next 2 days of taping in May. I think that's like a months worth of taping for TNA, so it's nice.

    I actually fly to Orlando the Saturday before the PPV, & then fly to Raleigh on Saturday for WWE Over The Limit.
  7. I went to Vengeance 2004, a Smackdown taping, a Smackdown house show, and a Raw house show.

    Wrestlemania 11 was also hosted in the Hartford Civic Center, but I was only 1 year old at the time.

  8. The last raw episode in Chicago and going to be at Extreme Rules
  9. None. Not wasting my money on something I can just watch on TV. But, I do go to football and basketball games.
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