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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. Name one thing you would want to do if you could get away with it without anything happening to you. (prison,jail,charges,ect.)
  2. Murder
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  3. But... who? :vince:
  4. Idk. Steal a nice-ass house somewhere and pull off heists somehow to pay for said house.
  5. If you steal the house, why would you pay for it? :dawg:
  6. Idk. Electrical bills and whatnot. I thought you'd have to pay extra or something to maintain a nice house.

    I've rented an apartment all my life so I have no clue how a house works, lmfao.

  7. I never owned either. lol Good planning though! I'm sure a big nice house would have a huge utility bill! lol
  8. I think bills would be a good answer.
  9. Steal a company and forge it into my name so I own it and all it's profits.
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  10. Become dictator and rule western civilization
  11. I'm gonna tie Randy Orton in my bed and... you know the rest! :emoji_wink:)
  12. Play patty cake? :vince:
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  13. Probably rob the biggest bank on Earth or break into Area 51 and reveal dem secrets.
  14. we're playing, alright, but not that game. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  15. I have reason to believe that tongue may be involved. :vince:
  16. Commit fraud worth around £6,000,000,000.

  17. Marry Velvet Sky (after forcing her to convert to Judaism.)
  18. Steal billions an billions an live happy an free. Plus id feel some guilt so id donate loads to charity to clear my conscience.
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