Name some good pundits.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. With analysts and pundits being the rage of all networks that air football, name the good ones. There's two that I have thoroughly enjoyed in the Sky Sports era and it's Andy Gray (what a guy), and the beast Gary Neville.

    I get so fed up watching streams of football where these 2nd rate analysts say the most nonsensical things I've ever heard, so let's appreciate the good ones.

    Let me post some Gary highlights:






  2. Neville and Keane are the only good pundits on TV, fact.
  3. Lol Keane? :stfu: and :gtfo:

    @"R Albin"
    @"The Cole Train"
  4. Keane tells it how it is and he doesn't give a shit who he pisses off. You know he's right even if you don't want to agree with him.
  5. Lmao Keane? That guy is shit, he gets everything wrong, he even though that Nani deserved a red. :haha:
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  6. Lol Keane's an idiot. His managerial record pretty much confirms that.

    Pat Nevin ftw, he's been on MOTD2, trying to get Scottish player's names in without getting noticed :lol1:
  7. To be fair to Roy his main point was by the letter of the law the red was justifiable, which if you take the rules strictly it was.
  8. Loved this goal for two reasons: I love Torres and also I don't like too much Barcelona
  9. I know but when does that ever actually happen? We never even take into account if handballs were intentional now, in the Prem that would never have been a red.
  10. It wasn't in the Prem though lol, you could use the argument of in La Liga it would have been a red with similar effect. I think it should have been a judgement call and he made the wrong one but calling Keane an idiot with that example when it's a valid opinion is just wrong IMO.
  11. On a slightly OT note, does anyone else get annoyed at perpetual foul throws? They're totally ignored by referees, except of course at bloody U13 level.
  12. I know but I don't think you should just be able to decide whether to take rules into account at different times, you shouldn't tell a player it is not a red to do something and then completely change that in a different game, a rule should be a rule across all leagues, lets be honest though, if the player hadn't roled about and made the most of it he wouldn't have been sent off, just because players in different leagues react more to challenges shouldn't mean a player should be punished of that is the way he plays in his leagues.
  13. That referee had the balls to enforce the rules fully in a big game. Good on him. It's a shame all referee's aren't like that. It would improve the game.
  14. W

    Whilst this is true technically it's the Premier League which is at fault for not enforcing the idiotic rule, if you want consistency video replays are required as people are too inconsistent.
  15. That's my point though, you can't pick and choose games to enforce rules fully. If one referee does it then all have to, otherwise the rules will be changing every game.
  16. Exactly, see my post above basically, either the rule should be enforced all the time or never as otherwise players won't know which games they can and can't do certain things.
  17. So how is Keane an idiot with this point? He is a colossal fool IMO but this one is a poor example of it.
  18. Do you watch every game that referee referee's? No, you don't. How do you know he doesn't enforce the rules fully every game? Just because the FA referee's don't, it doesn't mean foreign one's don't. FA referee's are to frightened of upsetting the fans/big clubs.
  19. Did you read a word I said? I said if this ref does it then all have to, not saying he is wrong in doing so but if one ref does it then all should have to, and clearly, the FA ones do not.
  20. I never said he was a fool because of that, that is the last stupid thing I can remember him doing as imo if was just a foul, never mind a red, despite what the rules say. And I'm not saying that all refs should enforce it, but if one ref does then all should have to, my preference would be none of them do as the game would be more fair.
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