Name some good scary movies

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  1. I'm in the mood to watch some. :smug:
  2. Alien
    A Nightmare On Elm Street
    The Blob
    Dawn Of The Dead
    Rosemary's Baby
    The Shining
    The Thing
    The Blob
    The Omen
  3. Children of the Corn
    The Thing
    Pet Sematary
    The Sentinel
    Amityville II: The Possession
  4. the excorcist son
  5. The wedding planner.

    Don't get married
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  6. But for real, check out rob zombie flicks. House of 1000 corpses and Devils Rejects. Now that's some good scary movies
  7. If by horror u mean slasher/serialkiller type scary movies then

    Halloween series [especially the first part]
    Friday the 13th series
    A nightmare on Elm street series
    When A Stranger Calls [remake]
    HellRaiser series
    House of Wax

    If u want to know more great slasher movies let me know, i know tons of them, cbf mentioning them all incase u dont want slasher movies.

    If by scary movies you mean ghost stuff then :-

    The Grudge trilogy
    The Mothman prophecies
    The Cabin in the Woods
    1408 [my fav, u wouldnt regret this one]


    i cant find this :upset:
  8. Silent hill
    Dawn of the dead
    The woman in black
  9. Shutter. But not the American version with Joshua Jackson. The original, dude.
  10. Don't watch the latest paranormal activity as it's crap.
  11. Friday the 13th series is so damn scary..

    You can also watch The Grudge and Silent Hill.
  12. Poultrygiest - Night of the Chicken dead.
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  13. Saw series is kinda good also.
  14. Started sucking after the first one and lost shock value. The second one was still a little descent.
  15. Just watch the movie I recommended, you DEAN!
  16. Any new Adam Sandler movie.
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