Featured Name some Sleeping-Dreams you had about Wrestling

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by ThePhenom97, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Name some Dreams you had based on Wrestling. IvI' have had plenty lately.

    1. Andre The Giant never got bad health and died: I've had a dream that Andre made return to wrestling and made a debut in WCW. He faced Hollywood Hulk Hogan in a Rematch and beat him. He had his Debut Afro( w/ a little grey) and a blue singlet. I was in the crowd Marking Out.

    2. Bray Wyatt vs Kevin Owens: In a chaotic Royal Rumble Brawl on RAW, w/ Bray as champ Kev came down cashed in and beat him.

    3. Ultimate Warrior vs Cena or Lesnar: Warrior hasn't died in my dream world at this point. When Cena or Lesnar issues a open challenge to anyone, The Ultimate Warrior comes for an epic match

    Those are the recent dreams I remember recently. What are yours?
  2. I once dreamed I was dating John Cena and was trying to break up with him cause he was controlling. LOL

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  3. I once had a dream about Paige....
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  4. I wish I had dreams about attractive woman. I just have dreams about me needing a piss then going to the toilet to piss, then I wake up wet.
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  5. I had a day dream on the new Paige. With the new hair and etc. She had a headache .and rest her head on my lap...... And the rest is history :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. Dream history?
  7. Well someone is watching too much Total Divas.
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  8. Never watched it. I just have frequent nightmares. :y2j:
  9. I want an inception dream with Paige.... where I go deep inside her, extract things, then am forced to go even deeper to extract even more things, and then... INCEPTION DADDY!
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  10. What are you extracting exactly? HIVs?
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  11. I had a dream I saw my favorite indie wrestler in a restaurant working as a waitress in her gear. I approached and nervously shook her hand as she smiled
  12. I had a dream that WWE collapsed, Wrestling was great again, and people were freed from WWE's brainwashing as well.
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  13. If only if only the woodpecker sang the bark in the tree was as soft as the sky
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  14. You mean STDs? Or AIDS? Not sure why there is an "s" there.

    Unless Paige is incubating several new strains of the human immunodeficiency virus.... And only @edge4ever can save us....
    Coming this Fall... Inception 2: HIVpocalypse
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  15. I love that movie.
    I actually on Twitter started doing that in midst of all that, lol.
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  16. I think hashtag usage on that site is more moronic than anything. Unless you use #cats then I am forced to agree and support it. :kitler:
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  17. #CatsAreLessSuperiorToDogs (You have to like it or else you lied)
  18. :nope: I said "#cats" you added a bunch of nonsense after it that I simply can't acknowledge as they are lies.
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  19. Fite me, m8.
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