Name the game and the system... Get a prize

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by DarksideTrin, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. I'll rep ya!

  2. :lol1: dreamcast and :finger:
  3. You are incorrect... Hang your head in shame
  4. Any clues?
  5. It was a movie.
    The game sucks very badly.. We sell it for6 dollars

    Not new
  6. Stargate N64?
  7. I thought it was Stargate as well. I googled the game and none of the pictures looked like that one. D:
  8. Incorrect..
  9. This game was released in 2002
  10. Developed by treyarch
  11. Shame? You made this topic, i could give two fucks about your rep.

    n64 and die hard.
  12. Then don't come in retard
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  13. Minority Report PS2?
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  14. Winner winner chicken dinner!

    And boy does this game suck!
  15. I knew Senhor would be the one to figure it out. Old man.
  16. :facepalm: Damn you!
  17. What's the prize?
  18. He repped me
  19. Shame on you OP.
  20. how so? it clearly stated that in the original post
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