Name your favorite WWEF memories

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  1. Could be based on anything, where you were when it happened, how old you were, who you were with. Mine is when DX reunited in 2006 and Cena vs RVD @ ONS. Triple H's 2002 return was also pretty epic.

  2. Bob Backlund winning the WWF title in 1994.
  3. You mean you were there for thtat?
  4. Oh. Memories that I saw live. Well... the Nexus invasion, when I was in the same place I'm now and last thursday, when I went to a Raw House Show.
  5. It could have been on TV.
  6. I saw the Nexus invasion on TV. I was in the same place I'm not, sitting in front of the computer. The live show I'll always remember, because it was the first wrestling show I've ever been to. There are other memorable moments, but I nothing comes to mind right now.
  7. It's funny how the best WWE memories take place during the summer. I guess it figures.
  8. Punk winning the title was also pretty good.
  9. Stone Cold beer bath has to be my favourite.
  10. Which one? He has like 30. :burns:
  11. The Rock throwing Stone Cold's candy ass off of a bridge was pretty awesome

    Shane McMahon's elbow drop off of the titan tron was nuts as well.
  12. I loved it when Edge and Christian made fun of Chris Benoits theme song...

    "here comes chris benoit and hes really mad...
    here comes chris benoit and hes really aaaaannngry!"
  13. Never been to a show, but DX reuniting in 2006 with the whole feud was the best thing ever for me.

    Rocky's return this year comes as a close second.

    Stolen from Crayo, Hardy vs Orton, big Swanton. PURE GOLD
  14. Jeff Hardy's swanton bomb (can't spell it) off the giant railing thing was pretty cool.
  15. 1. You spelled it right. :dawg:
    2. It was friggin brilliant!
  16. Yeah, the DX reuniting was the best thing ever. DX reuniting in 2006 + the whole feud + the fact that it was in June and you basically had the whole summer. Nothing can top that.
  17. Mick Foley bouncing his face off the announce table was nice...

    Brock twisting Albert's lid with a wicked F-5 was fantastic...

    Brock breaking Hardcore Holly's stem was gorgeous...

    At the end of the day, Sid busting his wheel in WCW tops everything
  18. They're a little bit vicious, but they are impossible to forget. Memories indeed.
  19. JC you're a sick man lmao.
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