News Nancy Grace spouts dumb stuff

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. Go Zeb go. Go Shieky Baby.
  2. I got a joke for Nancy Grace.
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  3. Sheik is always fantastic in this kind of moment. I'm surprised he didnt mention Hogan actually.
  4. Idk how this dumb bitch manages to get under my skin considering how transparent she is in her trolling, but damn, she does.
  5. So if I spew random bullshit I can get a TV show too?

  6. Sadly she was once a credible attorney.

    Same with how SKip Bayless used to be the most credible sports journalist in the country.

    you have to be established like that before people care that you start trolling.
  7. I'll be a janitor first then.
  8. would be a step up from Taco Bell at least :pipebomb:
  9. Don't make me call Nancy Grace and have her discuss Dolph Ziggler :angry:
  10. not even Nancy can slander his glorious name

    Some kudos to her though, steroids were the elephant in the room and it's good that someone brought it up. Interview was still shitty, and her taking that steroid comment personally just made her look like the biggest fucktard on earth (as if she wasn't already)

    Do wish DDP would have been able to say more stuff on national TV about the wellness policy and how much wrestling has been cleaned up. Maybe he can do an interview with someone with an IQ higher than a glazed donut.
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  12. Hey glazed doughnuts are pretty fucking smart.
  13. We all knew Warrior was a steroid user in the past and most could probably connect the dots that it had contributed to his heart problems. We don't need a dumbass like Nancy Grace connecting the obvious dots in her ****-y way.
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  14. Obviously, but it's good someone started the discussion and asked the wrestlers about it. Just a shame it had to be this fucknozzle,,,, Wait, do you know if they talked about this on ESPN? Would have made a much better interview from a sports context.

    Just googled it to see Colin Cowherd talked about it. Does anyone in the media who's not a complete idiot want to discuss this?
  15. Cowherd is far from an idiot. He has some opinions I don't agree with, but Cowherd is definitely just a well spoken dude who gives his honest opinions on shit and doesn't care if people disagree with him.

    I don't see why people should be talking about steroids. For what reason exactly? It would be one thing if WWE was still similar to how it was in the 80s and 90s, but they've literally already done all they can to combat the problems that were going on in that time.
  16. We know that. We know how much the sport as changed, but that's still what's associated with wrestling and you can't leave it out the discussion. Plus it's a great way to bring to light just the amount of changes WWE has made in recent years and why.

    I'll retract the idiot comment, with Cowherd I was having fun with a little rant. To me it feels like he says stuff for the sake of ratings quite often and that was one of those.
  17. I guess I see your point that maybe the masses should begin to realize WWE isn't the same as it was in the 90s, but sadly, Nancy Grace has as many stans as she has haters, so for her to spout off like this on her show probably just has a bunch of soccer moms across America agreeing with her thinking wrestlers still have steroid and cocaine cocktails for breakfast.
  18. That woman is a dumb ass seriously she didnt do her reseach as she would know Owen died from falling from the rafters after his harness released to early
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