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  1. Name: My real name is Jacob Colton
    Age: I'm 25 now but on May 9 I'll be 26
    Favourite Superstar & Why: Jeff Hardy because I love his moves and he gives everything he got in every match.
    How long I've been a fan of wrestling: I've been fan of wrestling since Wrestlemania I
    Favourite Wrestling Company: My favorite wrestling company nowadays is TNA
    How did you find the site?: I searched for news of RR and found this
    Will I be active here: I'll stay active, it's been a great month here

    Well, this is my first thread in the ramp, actually didn't make a thread when I joined but I'm doing it now.
  2. Hi I don't really know who you are but hello and hope you like the forum:emoji_wink:
    If this year is Wm29 u have been fan since WM1 and u are 25 ... 25-29=-4
  3. Don't know who you are too...

    I saw WM 1 in 1998 (forgot to write it). Internet did exist in 1998
  4. Hope you have a good stay here bro :3
  5. Hey buddy. Good to see u around already seen u in threads. Howdy.
  6. Welcome? But u been here already?
  7. Um... Yeah? I've been here in this forums already (?). But this is my introduction in "the ramp" section because I didn't do it when I joined LOL
  8. Talked to you for ages on Skype, but still, welcome :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Welcome man.