News Naomi vs. Lana III

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Grievous II, Jun 30, 2017.

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  1. Naomi still Glowing...

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  2. Lana as The New Champion...

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  3. Carmella Cashing In...

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  4. I Don't Care...

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  5. Where is Rusev?

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  6. I wonder what Charlotte & Becky Are Doing?

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  1. Lana granted another match against Naomi on Tuesday's SmackDown - Diva Dirt

    Lana vs. Naomi III coming this Tuesday

    So...Lana is getting another shot at the Women's Championship...
    and who really knows what this means.

    Will Naomi crush Lana for the third time?
    Will Lana actually claim the title?
    Will Carmella Cash-in at the earliest possible opportunity?
    Will Rusev finally show up?
    Will the "Welcoming Committee" attack Lana because she has just showed up and
    has been granted 3 title shots in 3 weeks? Or would that make too much sense?

    Vote in the poll above and be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below
    and I will see you all around the traps.
  2. I really don't care :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: So thank's for adding that option XD
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  3. I was fine with this the first time around but honestly, unless they do a swerve of some-sorts, I'm not that interested anymore. Too repetitive.

    I hope the swerve would be Rusev returning to lead Lana to a victory, though.
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  4. Lana as the new champ. If she doesn't win, then what's the point of her losing for the third time in a row?
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  5. Could be a stalling tactic by the booking team because they
    haven't decided on who will be feuding with Naomi next.

    I'm guessing its between Natalya & it would be
    kind of strange for Carmella to feud with Naomi as she currently
    has the "Special Briefcase"

    I find it funny that the Charlotte/Naomi feud lasted 2 matches
    and second match was ruined by "Nattie & The Pussycats"
    and yet Charlotte hasn't demanded a rematch seeing as she
    earned her title shot by defeating Naomi clean

    I guess a face can't challenge a face for a title without looking
    like a heel.

    Naomi/Lana III Could also be a direct and obvious chance for
    Carmella to cash in her money in the bank contract...which I
    really hope they don't do.

    If I had my way...Sasha Banks would defeat Alexa Bliss at
    "Burning Cock & Balls" only for Carmella to cash in on Sasha
    for the RAW women's title. Then Carmella would be drafted
    to RAW and teamed up with a now Heel Cass to feud with
    Enzo and Dana Brooke.

    Emma or Summer Rae would then be drafted to SmackDown
    to replace Carmella.

    But of course...I'm over thinking everything and making it to
    exciting and interesting.

    Just thinking out loud...
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  6. Wow...that looks awesome...and when was the
    last time a champion had a customized belt?

    Perhaps Naomi is actually going to have a
    "long" reign with the title? (250+ days)

    Of course...could be part of a set up to make
    Carmella cashing in all the more heartbreaking.
  7. Lana wins then Carmella cashes in.

    Ultimately we will get the best feud out of this...Ellsworth vs Rusev
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  8. Sounds like a plan...then Rusev can take Ellsworth out and they can write
    him off TV so the women's division doesn't have to put up with the stupid,
    chinless asshole.
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  9. I guess...John Cena? Can't think of anyone else off the top of my head....

    Don't know if they'll go that long but if we do see Naomi come out with that led belt tomorrow on Smackdown, I guess that would mean she would have to hold onto it for at least another month or two...
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  10. I'm a fan of the Solomonster...but really?

    A double turn with Lana being a face & Naomi being a heel?

  11. it was a 10 second submission squash match
    with Tamina coming out to help/rescue/protect Lana.


    So...I'm guessing the division will eventually look like this:

    Becky Lynch
    Nikki Bella (When she returns?)


    I'm not counting Maria Kanellis because I honestly can't
    see her actually wrestling during this run with the company.

    I just hope the "Welcoming Committee" (Ugh...Shit Name
    Alert!) is now officially over with...but knowing my luck Lana
    will just join up with them and it will continue to limit the
    booking options.

    Now I'm glad Naomi has finally won a few matches after
    being pinned nearly every week since Wrestlemania...but...
    she's had 3 victories over Lana.

    Naomi needs to move into a feud with with Natalya and
    successfully defend her title a couple of times.

    Because lets be honest...

    Elimination Chamber: Defeats Alexa Bliss...
    Injured...Vacates title...
    Wrestlemania 33: Makes Alexa tap in 5 and half minutes...
    SmackDown After Wrestlemania: Makes Alexa Tap again...
    Money in the Bank: Defeats Lana...
    SmackDown: Defeats Lana again in a squash match...
    SmackDown: Defeats Lana for a 3rd time with another squash...

    3 Victories over Alexa Bliss and 3 over Lana don't really count
    for much in my book. Not to mention Carmella has pinned her
    twice and Tamina pinned her once in tag matches.

    Granted her reign/s has/ve been better than Bayley's horrible run...
    but Naomi really needs to score some victories against Charlotte,
    Becky & Natalya to look like a true Champion in my book.

    Just thinking out loud.