Summerslam Naomi VS... WHO!?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Jul 24, 2017.

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  1. [​IMG]

    So this has been a bit of a shock really. I did not see the end of the match at Battleground well, ending with anyone other than Char or Becky but NOPE... We are getting Naomi vs Natalya at Summerslam! And I am... I am surprised.

    I am glad Nattie is getting a chance. I have been saying for at least 3 years now she should have had a legit title run or feud but at this point... Really? To me, it seems like this is going to either be dragged out to WM where Nattie loses and retires or she just loses and fades into darkness once more. Ehh. I am not sure how to feel about it really. Not yet at least.

    I couldn't resist making a picture for this... #CatFite

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    Natalya winning this match shouldn't be that much of a shock really...

    Charlotte & Becky were out because they are both currently faces
    (I bet they turned Charlotte simply so Naomi could have a longer
    title reign) and while either of them would have been great choice
    in term of putting on a great match...they are really pushing Naomi
    right now as the top babyface.

    Even if Becky is and always will be the top babyface...of our hearts.

    Tamina is...well...and I hate to seem cruel...but currently making up
    the numbers and Lana is greener than turtle shit.

    Natalya makes the most sense...she's a heel, she has the in-ring skill
    to "ground" Naomi and with the experience between both of them I'm
    sure they'll put on a great long as the crowd doesn't shit all
    over it.

    Now...I've said in a few threads that Carmella is most likely going to
    be cashing in her MitB contract in her "hometown" at Summerslam...
    so who really know what will happen.

    Naomi & Natalya could both end up down and out during the match and
    Carmella could do what Seth Rollins did at Wrestlemania 31 and triple
    threat the match and make either Naomi or Natalya tap out with the
    Code of Silence.

    That may-be how the booking team is thinking...

    Carmella makes Natalya tap...
    Naomi drops the belt without being personally defeated...
    A Naomi/Carmella feud begins.

    Or the WWE could continue their long history of fucking with the Hart
    Family and actually have Nattie cleanly win the belt...only for Carmella
    to do what Dean Ambrose did at MitB last year and cash in on Natalya
    before she even has a chance to celebrate.

    Or third option...Nattie beats the shit out of Naomi but Naomi gets
    the win with a roll up...Nattie in anger puts Naomi in the Sharpshooter
    after the match which leaves Naomi ready to be picked off by Carmella.

    Much like Ziggler did to Del Rio in his famous cash in.

    Look...deep down...I want Natalya to win the match and have a long
    reign as a heel champion. The woman deserves it...more so than any
    other woman on the roster. Too many other women have arrived on
    the main roster and "overtaken" her in terms of success and high
    profile matches.


    Like I said...she's a member of the Hart Family...and I just can't see
    the WWE (Vince & HHH mainly) giving Natalya such a great moment.

    I'm sorry Naomi but I hope Nattie wins the belt and gets to keep it for
    longer than 5 minutes.
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  3. Natalya will win. I read somewhere that she will break the record for most PPV matches by a woman at this event. She's been handed shit for years now so WWE is throwing her a bone.
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  4. Nattie will win only if WWE has no other ideas as to what to do with this title. Otherwise they won't put an also run competitor back on top.
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  5. I disagree. She probably keeps complaining about how she never gets a push that everyone backstage is gonna let her have a title run one more time to get her to shut up
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  6. That seems a bit harsh...

    Well...looking at the track record of her booking...she has the right to complain...
    She deserves a title run before the division increases in size and she gets lost
    in the shuffle (again) and is forced to put over even more new stars.
  7. It's not harsh at all and it's not coming from me. WWE treats Natalya this way. I am simply pointing out that she has been around for a long time and is generally used as the defeated opponent in nearly every feud she gets into. It's not harsh to point out that WWE has treated her poorly.
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  8. If complaining backstage all the time is all it takes to get a push, then everyone would constantly be getting a push.
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  9. Fair point...

    I guess I have a soft spot (or a hard spot...Giggity) for Natalya...
    I just think she deserves better from the booking/creative team.
  10. Yeah I have no issues with Natalya at all, just pointing out that it looks like WWE couldn't care less about her most of the time.
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  11. sucks...and I know you can't push everyone...but Nattie has
    always deserved better than what the creative team has given her.
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  12. I have no interest in it, but I totally expected Natalya to win that match. They'll probably put it on the pre-show at SummerSlam. lol
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  13. Sad....Very sad, yet funny. I am torn... I am... Natalie Imbruglia.

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  14. I think this match is hurt due to character work. Natalya's promos as a heel come off as she is trying to be a bit of a "bully" but it comes off For Naomi, she was very over at the time of her winning, but with a feud with Lana and her being secondary for the feud of the faces and the "Welcoming Committee" has hurt her a bit.

    But, from an in-ring perspective, I'm sure the match can be fine. Natalya can do well in a match and Naomi has always been a solid worker. Is it worthy of Summerslam, I'll see.
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  15. I actually think the Alexa/Bayley match has more of a chance of
    being on the pre/kick-off show...mainly because we've seen the
    match twice before...and frankly both times it was fairly lame.

    The Naomi/Natalya match is fresh (at least it hasn't been seen in
    some time) and of course Carmella carrying around that briefcase
    also has to be factor.

    Of course...if I was booking it...I'd have Carmella cash in during
    the Alexa/Bayley match and win the RAW title which moves her
    to RAW, Emma moves to SmackDown to replace her and Natalya
    defeats Naomi clean to win the title.

    Afterwards Natalya moves into a feud with Charlotte...Charlotte
    wins the belt early next year which leads to Becky turning heel
    and we get Charlotte vs. Becky for the belt at Wrestlemania 34.

    But...I'm just a fan who wants to see what he wants to see...
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  16. Natalya/Naomi was decided upon for Summerslam just after the shakeup. The focus on Smackdown has been on these 2 for months but Naomi has been carrying a lot of little injuries that have prevented her from defending her title as often as they would have liked.

    I strongly suspect Natalya will win here. She is the top heel in the women's division and she can carry the belt for a while, opening up a few options. Imagine the heat if she loses it to Becky Lynch and then Carmella immediately cashes in, for example. Failing that, Carmella could of course cash in on Natalya and turn face, as has also been rumoured going into this feud.

    The biggest question, really, is where things go from here. For Natalya a win leads to defences against both Charlotte and Lynch, which carries us nicely through to Survivor Series when we'll be setting things in motion for Wrestlemania. For Naomi? Win or lose she really has nowhere to go.

    As I see it, Naomi has had months to make a star of herself and she's done okay. Not great but okay. After Summerslam it's Natalya's turn and she will do much better.
  17. Naomi has had injuries?

    The focus has been Natalya & Naomi?

    Have we been watching different shows? No one has had any focus in the women's
    division because they have simply been throwing them altogether and shouting "FIGHT!"

    If Naomi has been injured than they should have taken the title from her and given it
    to Natalya earlier...or either Charlotte or Becky.

    The possible Carmella Cash In will get a "Face Pop" in they may have Natalya
    defeat Naomi only for Carmella to cash in on her. Which would be a shame for Nattie.

    It would break my heart if Becky won the title back only for Carmella to cash in
    on could provide the trigger point for Becky to finally turn heel...which
    I do hope is on the cards in the near or distant future.

    I actually hope you're right and Natalya gets a long title reign as a heel champion...
    but I hope she actually wrestles and wins matches and doesn't start running away
    and being a coward.

    Perhaps they move Naomi over to RAW during the rumored second "Superstar
    Shake-Up" after SummerSlam?
  18. This sounds like horsesh*t. I'm glad you aren't booking the women's division. Then again, you could actually be Road Dogg in real life and be the one responsible for booking all this sh*t in the first place.
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  19. [​IMG]

    But seriously...if you are Road Dogg...can you draft Emma from RAW please?
  20. Naomi has been the champion and Natalya has led a heel stable in competition against the horsewomen. I don't see how that isn't giving them the focus. People are complaining that Charlotte and Becky aren't getting enough attention, that's why. I don't see how that's hard to see. Naomi was supposed to have wrestled against Tamina on her way to Summerslam but that never happened.

    This second shakeup is just a rumour. None of my sources have confirmed it.