NASCAR's Tony Stewart allegedly hits, kills driver at dirt-track race in New York

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  1. (CNN) -- NASCAR driver Tony Stewart hit and killed a fellow driver during a dirt-track race in upstate New York, authorities said early Sunday.

    The incident occurred Saturday night at the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprint at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park.

    One of the sprint cars lost control and hit the wall during lap 14 of a 25-lap race, according to Philip C. Povero of the Ontario County Sheriff's Department.

    The driver of the crashed car exited his vehicle and walked on the track, where he was hit by Stewart's car, authorities said.

    He was taken to a hospital and later died.

    "Stewart has fully cooperated with investigation," Povero said. "He acknowledges the collision with the driver."

    Authorities declined to name the victim, but Tyler Graves -- a witness at the track -- said it was his friend, Kevin Ward.

    Stewart's spokesman said they are trying to sort out the details.

    "A tragic accident took place last night during a sprint car race in which Tony Stewart was participating," Mike Arning said. "Tony was unhurt, but a fellow competitor lost his life. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends."

    An investigation is under way.
  2. Allegedly, huh?
    That sucks. Guy got got
  3. Dude shoulda been more careful exiting the track when, you know, cars were still going around. Lack of common sense takes care of one more mouth breather.
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  4. I get the notion the dude may have been concussed when he exited his vehicle.
    Undoubtedly, he must have lost sense of where he was since I imagine his head must have taken a dip.
  5. I've had a concussion, a pretty bad one. It doesn't make you unaware of what a vehicle is or why you shouldn't walk in front of it.
  6. Tony Stewart caused him to crash... the guy got out of the car and was waving down Stewart as he drove back around.. Stewart saw him, went toward him and then gunned his engine when he got alongside him.. that caused the car to fishtail and hit Ward who flew a ways and was knocked unconscious and later died.

  7. There is a good chance that criminal charges will be filed against Stewart in the coming days.. most likely vehicular manslaughter.
  8. It does kind of look like Tony was driving towards him, but the guy is still an idiot for walking out there like that regardless
  9. Guy is even dumber than I thought.
  10. he just flopped and seemed to die instantly

    some DBZ type shit right there
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  11. Yah kinda dumb to walk out there, but i do like how the news is "Tony's unhurt but yah guy dead" :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: talk about priorities.

    "He was visibly shaken by this accident," Povero said. "... This is right now being investigated as an on-track crash and I don't want to infer that there are criminal charges pending. When the investigation is completed, we will sit down with the district attorney and review it. But I want to make it very clear: there are no criminal charges pending at this time."

    "Tony pinched him into the frontstretch wall, a racing thing," Graves said. "The right rear tire went down, he spun on the exit of (Turn) 2. They threw the caution and everything was toned down. Kevin got out of his car. … He was throwing his arms up all over the place at Tony for most of the corner.

    "I know Tony could see him. I know how you can see out of these cars. When Tony got close to him, he hit the throttle. When you hit a throttle on a sprint car, the car sets sideways. It set sideways, the right rear tire hit Kevin, Kevin was sucked underneath and was stuck under it for a second or two and then it threw him about 50 yards."
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  13. I won't argue with experience, there's just no way an intelligent person would do what he did. Either he was completely tactless or an he was an imbecile.

    I tempted to post a "You can knocked the f*** out" Chris Tucker reference from Friday. That might be in poor taste at this point.
  14. He was a 20 year old kid. He probably just got a big head and knows of Stewart's reputation and was pissed he was out of the race and something like getting hit by a car never crossed his mind because that's not the general thought process for a 20 year old kid. He forced the first driver to swerve out of the way, he could have just as easily of been hit by someone else as opposed to Stewart. I really don't think Stewart was trying to hit him but watching the vid even as Stewart is rounding the corner and nearing the kid who was killed, the kid is still moving TOWARD Stewart as he speeds closer to him.

    It is an unfortunate part of the incident, but the fact remains that Kevin Ward Jr is responsible for his own death, not Tony Stewart.
  15. I see what happened now. That sounds like something I would've done if I really didn't give a f***.
    Your analogy sounds strikingly familiar to how I was in high school and how kind of am today.
    The cat had a death wish and probably felt slightly emasculated by losing. When you add all these elements together you get a lethal solution.
    You can f*** with sleeping bear if you want, just know the f***er has every right to kill you in the end.
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    Here is my opinion on the matter. Dude was crazy for running at tony. Tony looks like he was just trying to fuck with him and scare him a lil bit(you can hear him rev up, not to mention it was on a caution), and clipped his ass. It is the definition of involuntary manslaughter. I'd say probably 30 days in jail (like Donte stallworth) with a couple years probation over his head. Probably no suspension from Nascar because they are a bunch hillbilly fucks who don't give a shit about anything.

    I'll be right on this matter.
  17. On a dirt track, when a car turns left, his rear is typically going to shift right, which it did, as in the video, you can see that Ward was clipped by Stewart's rear right tire. Better question, why the fuck is the kid on the track in the first place? It may have been a caution, but save it for either the end of the road or for pit road (if that is even an option). It's not really manslaughter imo considering the fucker deliberately ran onto the track with active cars racing on it.
  18. I'm glad you're an expert on dirt track racing now. Lots of racing over there in china land?
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  19. I know some stuff about it, also, it's partly common sense.
  20. ...he's not wrong.
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