Nash comments on A&E's

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. Comparing them to the nWo? Is he crazy?
  2. Doesn't Nash compare every stable to the nWo?
  3. Maybe so, but A&E's don't really have any star power. The nWo started with the biggest name in pro wrestling history. (Which Nash thinks is himself :lol1: )
  4. 1st tweet - fine enough
    2st tweet - OK

    3rd tweet - LOLWUT :haha: Angle's time has past for that. In 2009 lol.

    Shut up big Kev.

    Anyway, the storyline is getting weak, agreed. I'm kinda interested init though in all honesty.
  6. nWo?

    Not really.. 4 horsemen..

    Well, it's Nash.. What did you expect.:dawg:
  7. Nash tore his quad while he tweeted that
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  8. Isn't he comparing the story to the nWo? Not the actual wrestlers or success.

    He's right, this storyline does suck, but his last tweet was moronic to say the least.
  9. :dawg:
  10. Yeah Scott Hall was godly.
  11. Lmao, true.:downer:
  12. Not like NWO didn't get crowded with sub par midcarders after a while. :pity1:
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  13. :downer:
  14. Oh the irony, right?:dawg:
  15. But yeah, NWO started with Hogan, Hall and Nash (the big names) and then got crowded with midcarders, but in Aces it's vice versa apparently, and we still don't know how big or will the leader be a big name.
  16. True. I'm hoping it's a big, relevant name, so all of this feels at least somewhat useful. :mad2:
  17. Nash is a guy, who is desperate to get the nWo back...

    I'm seriously getting sick and tired of his tweeter rants about every stable being the new nWo. Man, Nash needs to just stop living in his own private fantasy world...

    nWo was successful back in the 90s, but no more... :pity:

    We are in freakin' 2013... :finger:
  18. Nash fucksucks, I'm glad people realise this.
  19. Don't like too much A&E's, I'm with Nash in that the storyline is getting weak just because they're adding mid card players... Prefer feuds between pther guys
  20. Speaking of Taz.... I'd mark if were to choke the fuck out of Tenay right in the middle of some match, and they show Tenay fading and never coming back to the announce booth. Ever again. My man Taz. :mad2:
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