Nash congratulates Backlund

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Didn't put himself over this time :obama:
  2. Nash conradgulates Backlund

    First thing I noticed was title.
  3. RE: Nash conradgulates Backlund

    :lol1: Fixed
  4. Backlund not only accepted to job to Nash in 8 seconds by getting one Powerbomb, but he also sold it by crawling back to the locker room after the match was over. A true legend. :obama:
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  5. Oh he did in his own sly way. In exggerated form he did this, "Hey Bob congratulations. Thanks for losing the WWE title to me at MSG, it was a big night, some would call it HOF worthy *wink*
  6. What Bob did to Nash was one of the worst thing to ever happen to the company, from what I hear that Nash reign was :facepalm: worthy.
  7. Yep. Can't attribute the entire blame to Nash on this one though, his booking was also quite bad. But still, I'm quite sure Backlund holding the belt at least until WM 11 would've been much better than what we got. :maybe:
  8. Nash certainly wasn't completely to blame for his horrible title reign in 1995. He got over by being somewhat edgy but then they turned him into a vanilla baby face. The roster was also pretty bad in '95. He was forced to fight guys like Mabel for fuck's sake.
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