Nash removed from RAW roster on

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Damn...why did it have to end this way? I want big sexy back!

    But somehow i feel him, he got a 15 year old kid and he's pretty old's time to lay your wrestling equipment down.
  2. I'm glad he's gone. Give TV time to the people who are going to be there longer. Oh wait theres the :shovel:
  3. Good he's not been at all relevant since 1998 tbh.
  4. I feel that RAW has been improved.
  5. ITT: Haters

    I was a big time Big Sexy mark when I was 7-8 years old

    Wolfpack 4 Life
  6. I liked Nash years ago... but his lanky ass should stay out of the ring. Appear all he wants backstage, maybe could of taken part in returning Kliq story-line, but stay out of the god damn ring/spotlight.
  7. He only had one match, and personally I was pretty entertained by it. You have to give his old, fragile ass props for taking those bumps in a damn ladder match.
  8. After the feud with Triple-H, there was really no point for Nash to be on RAW anymore. Not sure why they decided to remove him now.
  9. It wasn't the match that bothered me. It was the fact Punk got pushed to the side in the summer for it to happen.
  10. There were a million problems I have with Punk's booking after the MiTB match, but I agree they didn't need to sacrifice Punk's momentum for the sake of God sending Nash off with a good match
  11. Too bad, but he has nothing to do in WWE now.
  12. For those of you who say Nash is useless haven't heard Nash shoot

    Every couple of months we need a Nash shoot.... no....I need a Nash shoot

    I need a Nash shoot every couple of months, just like I need a twinkie every couple of months, just to I'm really alive

    Kevin Nash is great at two things... shoot promos... and launching Rey Mysterio into a production truck like a lawn dart
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