Nash Says Wrestling Died When Benoit and Guerrero Became World Champions

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  1. Lol'd at the second paragraph. So true.
  2. I just read the article on another site, and I couldn't stop laughing at the second paragraph.
  3. LOL Nash talking about who should be World Champ, bye.
  4. Mad because they both drew more than this scrub ever could.
  5. Pretty sure he was champion in WCW more than once. :burns:
  6. REALLY?

    Nash insulting two of the guys that for I imagine a few of us here were great champs and we loved.

    Eddie was awesome and fucking ruled. RIP!
  7. Doubt they drew as much as him tbh, even though he wasn't a main factor Nash was still part of the NWO angle which made crazy money.
  8. Wonder how he felt about Rey becoming a WHC. :hmm:
  9. Maybe Seabs but still what a twat!
  10. Shh I'm venting my anger at a washed up scrub with inaccurate statements. Gawd.
  11. David Arquette held that belt, should we listen to him too? Plus it doesn't mean he was worth it, sure he was a solid speaker but couldn't wrestle for shit. He was the polar opposite of Benoit, both had a major flaw.
  12. Lol but wtf Nash go suck your self you're big but you suck ass in the ring.
  13. 90% certain that as fans we hold Benoit and Guerreo closer to our hearts!
  14. lol. Isn't Nash reportedly one of the biggest pro Punk guys out there? I read tons of tweets from him when Punk attacked Rock at RAW 1000 saying he had Punk's back and such. What a maroon. He doesn't get that we as fans love it when guys of normal size win since they connect better with us. Larger than life or not
  15. Nash is a fool. They both were great in the ring, and deserved to be champions, the matches they had at Mania were of great quality.

    Benoit and Guerrero put a lot into that business and deserved the titles. I will say that they picked up ratings as RAW and Smackdown was at it's best when they were champs, I would say after they lost the titles the brand began to dip exponentially

    I disagree with Nash completely
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  16. Also we always go for bad turned good like Guererro. Miss Eddie a lot tbh!
  17. Kevin Nash is one of the shittiest wrestlers of all time, people need to get over the whole giant approach to everything. Eddie and Benoit were badasses, and Benoit especially deserved it. Comparing guys who are average to above average height to a 3inch dick is hilarious, because kevin nash might as well have been a foot long with a case of erectile disfunction. nWo was big because it was a great idea that ended up helping destroy a business, and the klique is one of the most horrific examples of riding on someones greatness (HBK) in the history of wrestling

    DB > Kevin Nash, and any other 8 foot retard in wrestling. By kevin nash's standards our title match should be khali vs show. I say get the freaks out that size, and get it back down to guys lesnar size being the "giants" at 6'5 or whatever his stupid ass is.
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  18. fuck all Nash haters. you all have 3 inch dicks
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  19. Dont tell everyone.
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  20. Nash is such a prick, he was s*** anyway, Bryan is the GOAT and he's just pissed off because he knows no one will ever ever put him up there in that catagory.
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