Nash to return to action.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Sigh. :S
  2. I called it he'll be in the rumble again. The only upside is if he carries on using the nwo theme I love that song.
  3. He botches way too much and is bad at selling.
  4. Botching no sells and quad injuries that's essential the career of kevin nash.
  5. LOL your sig is win.

    Yeah, Rumble match for nash. I like his theme though, so not all bad.
  6. I predict Nash to come in between number 20-26.
    I also think he may be one of the last men, and HHH is number 30 maybe, and HHH eliminates him (doesn't win though)
  7. HHH, why does this man need to be in the rumble? Lol.
  8. To continue the Nash/HHH feud? IDK.
  9. I really hope you're wrong :emoji_slight_frown:.
  10. So do I, lmfao.
  11. When will he retire? He is shit.
  12. To be fair for his age he's relatively okay. But we as WWE fans don't want him in the ring anymore... they should of went with The Kliq returning to be honest. The conspiracy angle had so much potential especially with Nash back.
  13. Yeah. To be honest he just looks like a giant gormless freak walking in to the ring looking like a daddy long leg spider that should be swatted to retirement.
  14. Haha, I'm always worried for his legs. He has massive legs and I swear one day they're gonna give way. I'd rather a healthy Kevin Nash back than an injured one, he at least deserves that.
  15. It's amazing how much they ruined his return.

    On the upside, I was relatively impressed with his TLC match, even if the sledge hammer thing made no sense :S
  16. The stipulation was stupid, it was really really stupid. As for the match, it bored me and I spent most of it talking to seabs in the discussion thread or other things.
  17. It bored me too, but I can't say I wasn't impressed with what he did.

    Atleast he didn't injure kill himself
  18. Haha, I lol'd there :emoji_wink:.

    I wish I saw it since it gets mixed reviews. Some say the match was crap completely, but some say they were surprised with Kevins ability at his age. Not saying he's a HBK, but saying he's still got something in the tank.