Nash weighs in on Hall/DDP Yoga

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. What a douche. Shouldn't you be encouraging him to try anything that might work at this point? Hospitals do not provide the attention he requires to get better. If its working for Jake who most saw as a lost cause, IMO in can work for almost anyone.
  2. Kevin Nash...a douche? Color me surprised :shock:
  3. Way to be supportive Kev.
  4. God I hate this man.
  5. This is not what Hall needs. This negativity thrown from Nash towards a person that is trying to help him that is. I have no doubt that Nash wants to see Hall healthy but Nash isn't exactly the picture of a perfect relationship with alcohol and drugs either. With Paige and Roberts Hall will be surrounded by positive people and energy which can help motivate him. Not to mention the constant flow of love and support coming from twitter and youtube.

    Nash needs to realize he needs to step away, just like Waltman did. Waltman realized he couldn't help Hall and texted DDP for advice. That was a smart move in my opinion.
  6. Nash is taking the pressure off his buddy, the expectation is DDP saved Jake who was in an equal state to Hall so by lowering it as something which doesn't work the little hiccups won't be focused on as it was expected to fail. Clever deal Sexy, clever deal.

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    Back in the real world Nash is a tard
  7. Nash sprinkles a little reality onto DDP's fairytale story and people get upset. I hope Hall gets clean one way or another, but Nash is right. DDP begging him to come out won't do anything. Even him making it to DDP won't. It all comes down to Scott.

    And yea, as for the hospital line, if Hall has a physical addiction to say, pain pills, he is going to be dealing with withdraws like crazy. That is just common sense. Nash clearly cares for Scott, so for everyone piping in with OMG WHAT A DOUCHE fuck off. As if you care more about the well being of Scott Hall then Big Sexy does. GIve me a break .
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