Natalya’s Uncle Blasts WWE For Farting Angle

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    As noted earlier, WWE continued Natalya’s farting storyline on Friday night’s SmackDown. She and WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix were backstage warming up for their match when the flatulence began before Santino Marella made an appearance. WWE says that Natalya has made it an “awkward addition” to her pre-match warm-ups.

    Natalya’s uncle Smith Hart wrote the following on Twitter about the storyline:

    “I am appalled by this ridiculous flatulence gimmick given to my niece Natalya”

    “Anyone that knows Natalya, knows she is a radiant and incredibly inspirational person deserving of so much more.”

    Thoughts: Why WWE constantly decides to do this to one of their most talented Women on their roster, it confuses me. Firts Mickie James and now the Beautiful Natalya. There is thousands of other ways to make the crowd entertained and build a personality, why a “Farting” Gimmick it makes absolutely no sense.

    Source: Womenofwrestling.
  2. This is disrespecting at the highest grade possible, silly you Vince.
  3. Probably a way to get back at the Hart Family for VMac
  4. I can't help but think she brought it onto herself. ::emoji_hushed:nly speculation:: but I think she probably felt she was being underutilized and should have been pushed more, was complaining about it in the back, and now they are burying her before releasing her.
  5. This is a high possibility.
  6. I cringed when I saw it don't get me wrong I don't mind crudity and love things like South Park but something bout that segment just seemed so off it was awful tbh and it truly pi**ed me off!
  7. This farting thing isn't really entertaining even from a kid's point of view
  8. I wouldn't be so sure. Fart jokes kill in the 3-12 demographic (WWE's target audience)
  9. Well you are actually partially true on that. But I know when I was a kid that wasn't really funny coming from a diva
  10. Well, that's the WWE Creative Team for ya!
  11. Completely agreed mate.

    I want her to leave. She'll be used so much better in TNA.
  12. TNA actually promote there knockouts division and make it a watch! WWE waste women's talent if I was female and wrestling I'd be in TNA! Sorry!

    So totally agree @[Crayo]
  13. Natalya as a face would make for a great feud w/ Gail Kim.
  14. Gail Kim? Another WWE mistake along with Mickie James!

    But yes Natalya and Gail would be a good feud!
  15. One would think Vince would like to keep a civil relationship with the Harts. Guess not

    I still say Bret made a mistake working that Mania match for a number of reasons

    I'm for Bret returning, just keep Vince at arm's length....

    Funny... not even the Guerrero's get it this bad and the Hart's are slightly more famous then they are
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