Natalya Discussion Thread (News, pics, twitter stuffs, matches, etc.)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. She should have won the battle royal and then win the title!!!!!!!
  2. Better idea! Her and Beth eliminate each other last and make it triple thread :shock:
  3. Did she say what.
  4. :haha: Yes! I'm going to do it to all superstars to see if they respond :boss1:
  5. I knew this thread would eventually get created.
  7. Very, very talented technical wrestler and also a very attractive lady, just shows the current state of the Divas division when someone this talented is never on TV.
  8. Natalya is hawwt!
  9. Indeed she is.
  10. Show Spoiler
  11. These discussion threads seriously need to stop...

    This is the last one that can be up, only because the three we have are quite low-profile stars (with the exception of KK).
  12. You said there shouldn't be anymore, So I thought the OP would have asked for your permission. After you denied someone. :lol2: I thought you would close it. & I hope you're not saying William Regal is low-profile :upset:
  13. I also don't see the point of these threads, I just comment here because it's discussion, so why not take part?
  14. Haha, I'm one of the biggest Regal marks here so dw about me flaming his perfect English ass. In modern WWE though he's low-profile, but not to us smarks, he's a God here.
  15. I want to see beth and natalya feud for the WHC title :gusta:
  16. I want to see Beth, Natalya, Kaitlyn, and Bob Backlund feud for the Divas title.
  17. *Backlund

  18. I edited it even before you posted :notsure:
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