Natural burials

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Sep 7, 2017.

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    Now this is something we should all get on board with. A dead body is placed into an egg (biodegradable burial pod) and eventually helps bring life to a tree!!! It is honestly beautifully poetic and allows the earth to actually make use of our bodies. Not only will you be able to have a tree as a memory of a loved one, it will help the planet there by helping us. Circle of life.

    These biodegradable burial pods can turn cemeteries into forests

  2. Never heard of such a thing. Interesting
  3. I support anything that isn't traditional burial, all that does is waste space which could be used for something better.
  4. You want to see a natural burial? Look at the careers of Barron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler. :otunga:
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  6. I'm not really sure whether this was intended to be a serious topic, a funny topic or of if it was simply put here to get as many replies as possible.

    At any rate, it's interesting because there doesn't appear to be a digital significant morally sound stance one way or another.

    I'm guessing people eventually will draw the conclusion that trees grown from human remains are haunted or evil. Such trees will eventually be cut down and used as books for the prison population.

    In short, I like the the idea and the topic and would be interested in other takes on this matter.
  7. This isn't Facebook. I legit think this is an amazing idea.
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  8. It's biologically sound, practical and holistic. It would be fascinating if prerequisites were eventually put in place, almost predictable.

    For example, if the particular individual had been sick or mentally ill could the health of the tree be compromised? It's too early to discredit this proposition, just simply extending the discussion in a another possible direction.
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  9. That is actually something I didn't consider. It seems the trees they will be using won't be bearing any fruit, maybe there is a reason for that.
    I for one would much rather visit a park to remember a loved one than a cold and empty graveyard.
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  10. This idea can be a source of intrigue and controversy. Human nature seems to dictate a need for security and moral fiber.

    I wonder how many of our members here would be okay with children swinging on the tree limbs growing from a deceased relative.

    The location of such a park could depend on demographics and social climate, at least initially. Italy is beginning this project but I find that particular country to be a more lax contextually.

    Starting this project in a more liberal area of the United States such as Southern California could be optimal.