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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Oct 29, 2014.

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  1. Last night marked the official start of the 2014-2015 NBA regular season, there were 3 games that took place to open the season.

    • The New Orleans Pelicans lead by Anthony Davis beat the Orlando Magic, 101-84.
    • The San Antonio Spurs beat the Dallas Mavericks by one point in a very exciting season opener, 101-100.
    • The Houston Rockets beat the LA Lakers, 108-90.
    Sad news for Lakers' 1st round draft pick Julius Randle as he was taken off the court in a stretcher.. he fractured his leg pretty bad and will definitely be out for a few months.. This was Randle's first game in the NBA other than the Summer League & Pre-Season.. Terrible way to start off the official NBA career.
  2. Poor Randle. Imagine that, breaking your leg on a fucking debut, man... Shite.
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  3. Exactly, that's pretty disappointing :emoji_slight_frown: I was really excited to see how he was going to work out.
  4. Melo 25 seconds left with the dagger over Lebron.
  5. Cavs lose their first game of the season, most attribute it to the lack of chemistry, we'll see what happens. Go Bulls!
  6. Attribute it to bron bron losing to melo again.
  7. fuck the cavs yo
  8. Them Suns look scary good.
  9. I can't remember the last time i watched a suns game.
  10. :robbie:damn my lakers lost

  11. First Klay got paid, then had his coming out party against Kobe. Love how much more he is attacking the rim this season + getting to the FT line. He is taking the next step in his evolution of becoming a top NBA player.
  12. If Steve Kerr is running the triangle offense this ensures anybody can touch the ball and get shots off quickly.
    This offense not only suits Thompson perfectly, but allows Steph Curry to utilize his skill set as well.
    Given that Thompson is a better pure shooter than Jordan and Kobe ever were, his role in the triangle offense should show a tremendous upside.

  13. The Suns logic: defeat the reigning champions, get 20ed by Utah the very next day.
  14. we aren't running the triangle. Kerr's offense is a lot more versatile

    here is a look at the offense, from preseason though

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  15. Great video.
    I read somewhere the triangle would be one phase of the entire offense. Everything is flowing relatively well in the early going.
    I still believe the Warriors have the personnel to utilize the triangle. It's a long season and what they are doing is fine.

    I remember noting about the isolation/post up garbage Mark Jackson employed. I hated it when he (and Gary Payton) did it as a player and I hate it now.
  16. The knicks have more assists the first 3 games than they did all year. Offense gets melo solo 1 on 1 a shit ton one gets a like melo. Amare lookin like a all star again. We might be halfway decent
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  17. Hoping the Bulls can get better on defense, they haven't looked that great.
  18. They beat the knicks down pretty good. Knicks beat cavs but cavs beat bulls. Who knows what's up with the east but cavs vs bulls seems right in conference finals
  19. I've declared myself as a Heat fan as far as the EC goes for this season. I love Bosh and they are under the radar post-LeBron. It would be great to me if they somehow make a run at the ECF or even NBA Finals. If not, go Chicago. Anyone but the fucking faggy Cavs.

    Teams I will shit on all year: 1.) LAC (naturally, but they have looked like shit this year lol. They are @ GS tomorrow night). 2.) Cleveland- fuck this happy feel good story of LeBron, it makes me sick. 3.) Houston, fuck their "superstars" especially James Flopden.
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  20. I'd MAYBE buy into the Lebron soap opera ESPN is trying to sell tray IF he "went back home!!!!!! :emoji_joy:" AFTER winning a(nother) title. Not after getting dismantled and embarrassed. Dude always leaves you when you're down. Jabroni.
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