Basketball NBA 2018-2019 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by CM Punk, Oct 22, 2018.

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  2. Raptors looking good this season. Would say I hope they win it all but Warriors will likely win again. lol
  3. Cavs are 8 - 35? So sad.
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  5. That is what happens when your entire team signs with LA. Lebron was your team. He was the one thing which gave you guys a championship. But at the same time he doomed you guys. He had a puppet for your Coach. You signed his friends who are all terrribly aged or only work well with him to near-unmovable contracts. What the Cavs need to do is wait it out, move what you can, and prepare to burn it all down and build it back up.

    At least the Raptors are doing well.
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  6. Not my team lol I haven't watched a game in a long time. Even when LeBron was still in Cleveland, I wasn't actively watching. It is just sad to see them be in last place. LeBron didn't doom the team either, management did. No one bothered to build a good team, they just built around one player. The East was far easier to compete with than the West for him too. As of now, they don't even make the cut for the playoffs. With him out of the East, teams like the Raptors can come up but they will hit the same wall any other team would. Stacking one side of the NBA with all the best players will result in boring Finals. You'll see.
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  7. Oh, I'm sure a team from the West is going to win the NBA finals. Just at least the Raptors may be able to make an NBA final for once. As a Leafs fan also, I want at least one team to actually do decent, ya know?
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