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  1. picked this up last night. Anyone have it? First two things I noticed that I love: 1.) I can flop, 2.) Bounce passes! I've been asking for bounce passes for so long. It seems simple, but they finally added it.
  2. I don't have it yet, been debating getting nba live on next gen to switch it up.
  3. I don't trust gameplay of next gen sports game. I remember when 360 first came out Madden and 2k were nearly unplayable on the new gen for a couple of years
  4. Yeah, Madden was pretty watered down if I remember correctly. I heard nba 2k was the same as last year without Jay-Z
  5. It's largely the same (what would you even really want changed on a dramatic level?) but there are definitely minor adjustments to gameplay that have helped the game along quite a bit.
  6. Not a diss, they did work with the nba franchise on ps3/360. Just probably gonna hold off on it and test on the next gen version of nba live.
  7. What are all the new features?
  8. Not sure. Haven't played anything besides Associatoin. 4-1 with the Warriors, lost to Minnesota last night. K_Mart was shitting on Iguodala.
  9. Ahh got ya. When you have a chance can you tell me what cavs overall is?
  10. Think the only new feature is the lebron game mode. You can either continue with the heat, or sign with another team.
  11. Damn thats the new feature? F that then I hate lebron( live in cleveland). :upset:
  12. Why do you hate LeBron? For exercising his right as a free agent and choosing a situation where he had a chance to win some rings? Yea, what a douche.
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  13. I think people were pissed about the way he did it. Putting his decision on TV is quite douchey if you ask me. There is a way to leave a city in a classy manner, Lebron didn't choose that path at all.
  14. It was poor judgement, but I can hardly bury the guy for it. You know it was all ESPN's idea, and the way they approached him I'm sure he felt it was for a good cause.

    I mean, remember, the shit raised 2.5 million for the boys and girls foundation. Damn you, Scumbag LeBron!
  15. It did? I had no idea, lol. Statement retracted :happy:
  16. Yep thats exactly why, and the great thing about america is I can hate who I want with no real reason.
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  17. At least you can admit it is for no real reason.
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