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    I know the playoffs are in full swing, but I always love having the NBA draft the week after the Finals wrap up. It helped the Warriors build their core w/ Steph, Klay & Barnes being drafted all in the last 4 years.

    Anyway, this gives you an idea for where to expect players to go and a brief overview on their game. Pretty weak class IMO, I think Trey Burke might wind up being one of the few standouts.
  2. No one jumps out as a "star" there are some hidden gems in there though.
  3. lol...Trey Burke, if hes on a fast break sure, he can ball. If he has to actually deal with man up high-pressure defense, Nah.

    Sorry my buckeye fan-hood had to put that out there. Especially since he went ghost when we put the first L on Michigan's schedule.
  4. You've probably seen him more than I, so I will submit to your criticism, but also point out that in today's NBA most teams want to get out and run anyhow, so that weakness won't even manifest itself if he finds the right home.
  5. I agree. Marcus Smart was talked about as the guy Orlando wanted (team with the best % chance to win the lottery) and he, while a good player, never struck me as a top 5 pick in the NBA.

    I think Noel is a solid defensive big, but he is being vaulted to the top of this weak class by default + The lack of big man depth. IMO Cody Zeller is a guy who can become a factor at the next level, especially if he winds up on a team that will play to his strengths ie getting into the open floor.
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  6. Yeah it's a bit biased opinion though, my brother would tell you he's destined for great things so :notsure:

    I like Michael Carter-Williams, I think he's the best guard in the draft.
  7. Trey Burke to the Pelicans.
  8. The fact that no NBA scout thinks this kid is a pro makes me wanna cry.

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