NBA Draft

Discussion in 'Sports' started by catlady, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Discuss the draft.

    Its next Thursday (27th)

    Who is taking who?
    Will big trades happen?
  2. Bump.

    What a surprise, Bennett #1?
  3. He's gonna be trade
  4. Fell asleep before the draft. :pity2:
  5. I was shocked but he seems like he will be a great player.
  6. YOU FCUK SUCK! :pipebomb:
  7. Not shocking for me. I thought he was their best pick, actually, it was a little surprising the Cavs actually made the right call. He is versatile on offense and athletic as hell. He isn't your typical franchise-saving/changing #1 overall pick, but he has all star potential. Noel will never be an All Star IMHO. Neither will that overrated foreigner Alex Len.

    Good pick by the Cavs, but they are still not a playoff team and still miles away from contending.
  8. No he's not.
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