NBA Finals Thread

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Who Win In How Many Games?

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  1. Spurs in 6

  2. Spurs in 7

  3. Heat in 5

  4. Heat in 6

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  5. Heat in 7

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  1. I thought we should have a different thread for the finals. I think Heat might win this, but I lean more toward Spurs the more time passes. A lot of people didn't think they'd beat GS and they did. Almost no one thought they would beat Grizzlies, no less sweep them.

    Most people right now think Heat will win in 5, 6, 7 games. Spurs have a history of proving people wrong. Game 1 tonight. :woo1:
  2. I think we have a lot of NBA discussion threads now.
  3. Heat in 5. I hope I'm wrong though. I love Duncan and the Spurs.
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  4. Lebron got another triple double. And Tony Parker is just an assassin.
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  5. The 2-3-2 is really working in the Spurs' favor.

    "Oh, so we get a couple of games in Miami when we're much more rested, THEN get to go back home for 3 games? Damn near unfair."
  6. <3 You Tony! What an amazing game! Glad I watched it! :yes: Both teams played amazingly.
  7. If Tony & Tim stay with it, they wont make it an easy road for the Heat. They kept their record of never losing the first game of the finals! :woo1:
  8. Heat 4-2
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  9. :pity:
  10. 4-1 Miami or 4-2 for Miami but I can't see this having a seventh game
  11. Whoever won Space Jam.
  12. I wanna fly.... Fly like an eagle... blah blah I forgot how that song goes. lol
  13. THE NBA EXPERT (who has never ashley watched an NBA game) HAS SPOKETH
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  14. Served me well on the bets :lol1:
  15. King of fake betting. All hail!
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  16. Precisely
  17. You should use your expertise to make some irl money and lettuce know how it goes
  18. I am going to say :

    Game one - Spurs
    Game two - Heat
    Game three - Spurs
    Game four - Spurs
    Game five - Heat
    Game six - Heat
    Game seven - ..... SPURS! :pipebomb:

    I know... Let the bashing begin. :pity:
  19. I called the same thing. Spurs just need to win 1 of the 1st 2 games, which they did. Now they need to win 2 out of 3 of their home games. Miami will win game 6 and tie it up and Spurs take it in game 7. I don't expect Spurs to take game 2, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. No team is better at capitalizing on a series lead than the Spurs. If Heat was facing Grizzlies they would have probably slacked off and not completed the Sweep. Spurs finished them off and took 9 days rest.
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