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Since I'm not getting a lot of responses to my random sports topics, I'm just going to spam NBA scores in this topic... Anyways, the NBA is seriously back. The regular season officially continued today.

Jazz and Pelicans started it off. Jazz won 106-104. Zion sat on the bench for a large portion of the game for some reason. He just played 15 minutes.

Lakers and Clippers played the late game. Got off work at 9:00 PM and I really only missed the first quarter of this game. An awesome game start to finish. LeBron played like garbage for the most part. Definitely was rusty. Clippers couldn't stop turning the ball over. PG and AD both shot the ball really well. Lakers won 103-101, with LeBron making a clutch bucket with 12 seconds left. Clippers were without Trez and Lou WIlliams, so the Clippers will be a lot better when those guys have completed their quarantining.

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