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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Danielson, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. The season is in full swing.

    The Spurs have impressed me with their consistancy. They are on a current 10 game winning streak and look like they could be the best team in the west. Duncan did get injured recently which may drop them in the standings during the regular season, but thankfully their is no structual damage.

    Oklahoma City is also beasting it up. Durant is a scoring machine and their are a select few that can slow him down. Westbrook is one of the best scoring PG's in the league. What's eye popping to me is that he takes more shots than Durant. Either way they can put up 110 any given night.

    Miami Heat... Lebron is a beast. His post game has improved even more this year. The only thing stopping Lebron is himself and he already got his ring. I'm sure he is hungry for another one. Wade is not as explosive anymore, but that boy still balls hard. Bosh is having a great year, and Allen is lethal from behind the arc. The only knock against them is they have a small starting 5.

    Memphis Grizzles - Yo, Rudy Gay is a beast! Why you going to trade this cat? It doesn't take a stat geek to figure out, that he's having an off year but damn. They do have one of the best big men, in Zach Randolph, and them boys can play D behind Marc Gasol.

    New York Knicks - Yeahhhhh buddy, that's my squad. Amare is back and he is shooting lights out and getting to the rack with ease. He even accepted a role off the bench. Felton, Kidd, Melo, Chandler, Shumpert, J.R. Smith, Amare, R. Wallace, S. Novak. Yeah These boys are stacked and have 5 or 6 guys that can bang 3's

    Golden State Warriors- Steph Curry was snubbed of the all star game, it was an absolute robbery for the man not to get in. He spaces the floor and creates offense, and oh yeah..... The boy can Shoot. They are one of the best defensive teams in the NBA, and oh yeah.... Andrew Bogut is back. This team is a title contender if they can stay healthy. As are all of the other teams i've mentioned.

    This is just my top 6 right now.
  2. They've already traded Gay to my shitty Toronto Raptors.
  3. Yeah Calderón left Toronto....
    Go James ! Oh aaaand GO CAVS!
  4. I was basically asking how could they trade him. I know it already happened. How about Jose Calderon? You miss him?
  5. :NOPE: We suck so badly, even having Gay for a year and a half makes it at least a little more tolerable to watch. Now we need a PG and a decent C and we might make the playoffs next year.
  6. I've been hearing rumors that Paul Gasol could end up in toronto.
  7. That would be awesome, we haven't had a real centre since Hakeem and he only played like 5 games before retiring ffs.
  8. BTW what's with that trippy design they have on the baseline. It freaks me out lol.
  9. :lol1: It gives the logo a 3D look, its pretty cool actually, if you're close to it, it just looks flat.
  10. I first noticed it last year. I spent half the game staring at it lol
  11. I think they're trying to distract opponents so they have a chance of winning. What they failed to realize is that it only works for people in the stands or watching on TV. #MLSElogic
  12. lmfao it worked on me, that's for sure. I didn't realize how bad they were.
  13. They're turrible :facepalm:
  14. NBA Finals: Same pick as last year. Spurs vs Heat.

    I really think OKC is going to find themselves in a dog fight playoffs series with the Spurs or Clippers and realize how much they miss Harden. Dude was all onions, all the time. big shots, big situations, dude didn't give a fuck. Is Kevin Martin that guy> Maybe, doubt it. Do you really want Westbrook playing with an extended role in big moments? I wouldn't. They won't be in the finals again, mark my word.

    And the Rudy Gay trade makes GS the 4th best team in the West. As long as we keep doing what we're doing we should nail down the 4th seed and take home court for an opening round series vs Memphis or Denver.

    oh and my boys are in houston tonight. let's get it. I think we're in OKC tomorrow too. tough b2b for sure. Hope we can steal this one tonight
  15. I think the final will be a repeat of last year but with OKC taking the title this time around.
  16. I think you severely underestimate what Harden meant to that team in big game situations. I could see them making the finals, but Miami would probably just sweep them or win in 5 again.
  17. Durant is so good though, with minimal help they can make it.
  18. Durant is good but he still needs a sidekick, and Westbrook is just a talented headcase at this point. The Spurs and Clippers are deeper and have star players of their own.. basically if it comes down to Westbrook having to come up big in big situations for OKC to excel come playoff times it won't happen.
  19. I just feel the Spurs are too old to go through a long playoff grind. As for the Clippers, IMO they don't have the experience yet. It's a fine balance of experience and youth to make it all the way. I think OKC will bring in a good vet at the deadline to support Durant.
  20. I'll continue to preach it until playoff time; they will be in a big make or break game and not having Harden will cost them.

    I'll either be spot on or eat crow.
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