NBC has Friday deadline to keep WWE Programming

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  1. New York Post writing very sillylike.

    This is about to get pretty interesting...
  2. Would be ace if they insisted that SmackDowm had to go live and RAW cut to two hours. Basically force WWE to return to a brand split.
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  3. NBC will pony up the money. It's a small price to pay to keep two of the top-rated cable shows week-in and week-out under their umbrella, particularly when you consider they give you fifty weeks of new programming per year each, whereas the best non-wrestling shows on cable give you around twenty weeks of new programming each year. And that's not even taking advertising revenues into account.

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  4. $140 million seems like a bargain to keep those 2 shows on their networks...even if WWE wants $250 million it would be a deal... I wonder why NBC is delaying... I would think ad revenues alone would get them their money back easily and probably a little profit.
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  5. I have a sneaking feeling it might have something to do with WWEN and the rights to air just-past episodes of Raw and Smackdown. Currently, Raw and Smackdown are aired on Saturday afternoon/evening in a Spanish language broadcast on NBC/Universal Spanish-language television (actually, the broadcasts aren't as Spanish-language as you might think they are). I wonder if, considering WWE has suggested that episodes of Raw and Smackdown would be available immediately after the conclusions of their first-run broadcasts, this has become a sticking point. Currently, you either have to wait for those Spanish-language broadcasts or watch it on Hulu Plus (which is partially owned by NBC/Universal), WWEN subscribers getting it might cut into a chunk of NBC/Universal's profits.

    Having said that, I think the endgame for WWE is to sign one or two more broadcast contracts, but to eventually have Raw, Smackdown, etc., broadcast exclusively on WWEN, but they don't yet know if that will be as profitable as the current arrangement.

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  6. That could definitely be an issue for NBC... why would they pay more if they are losing revenue in other avenues... it does make sense... but WWE could literally go to almost any other network on cable television and get the money they are asking so NBC either ponies up the money or loses out. As far as the RAW and Smackdown ever being exclusive to the WWE Network, I highly doubt it.. broadcast TV is a cash cow that I think WWE will continue milking for a very long time to come.
  7. I would both laugh and be extremely pissed off if they didn't come to an agreement and those shows were exclusively on the WWEN.
    I can't see NBCUniversal just letting it go like that.. A little over 2 weeks ago they were mulling ideas on building a physical HoF for the WWE, if they had those types of plans I would think they had plans for this negotiation.
  8. The question isn't could they go to any other cable network and sell their rights. The question is could any other network offer them what NBC/Universal can in terms of money and exposure. The only possibility I could see that is comparable to NBCU would be Fox.

    As to them ever leaving broadcast television, I don't see it as realistic. I just think that's what they're hoping can happen if WWEN proves as profitable as they think it can be.

  9. Agreed and Agreed... I think ABC/Disney could be another but God forbid WWE is ever boadcasts on anything owned by Disney lol
  10. I don't think Disney Company would ever invest in anything MMA/Wrestling related.
    Fox I can see doing it, but as far as I know they are strapped for cash as well after that UFC deal so I can't really see them doing business.
    There's just no reason to believe NBCUniversal is going to give up the rights.
  11. I'm just gonna sit here and pray for this.

    Brand split would make my life a lot fucking easier if the night after 'Mania they were like. STING IS THE NEW GM OF RAW AND BRAD MADDOX IS THE NEW GM OF SMACKDOWN. They can keep the titles unified til like Daniel Bryan takes the WWE one and Batista takes the WHC one. No midcard unification. I honestly would also like to see the Tag Team titles split back into the WWE Tag Team Titles & The World Tag Team titles. They just need to focus on storylines for the PPVs. They also need to use the Pre-Show to their advantage. You could fit like 3 Ten minute matches on there.
  12. If NBC had any sense they will keep WWE
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