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  1. NBC has ordered the show Constantine to a full season for the 2014-2015 schedule. Constantine is based off of a DC Comic book character not really all that pertinent to the main DC universe IMO but nevertheless is still an intriguing character himself.

    You may remember years back a movie titled 'Constantine' starring Keanu Reaves...

    Well this is the same character but this new guy does a far better job IMO and the trailer makes the show look more interesting than the movie adaptation.

    Here's the first trailer:

    It seems it will be airing on Fridays which kind of worries me because I think the target audience has better things to do on Fridays but I hope it still finds success.

  2. This show premiered tonight and it was pretty cool, I'm pumped for it to continue.. the only thing that truly sucks is the time slot it carries with it.. I know Grimm is a pretty popular show and I believe it follows that although I wasn't paying all that much attention prior to the show actually starting.

    Anyone who liked the Constantine movie and has read any bit of the Constantine comics and liked what they saw/read should definitely give this a chance, it will 100% be on Hulu, most likely it will be updated Saturday mornings (the morning following the premiers of the episodes).

    Personally I thought it opened off a bit better than "Gotham" but like I said that could just be me.. Hopefully it keeps on keeping on and succeeds even in a bad time slot; that being 10 PM Eastern Time on Friday nights.

    I give the premier episode a low 8 out of 10.
  3. I never liked Constantine in the comic books and I doubt very much I'd like this series... so I'm passing on this.
  4. I get it.
    For a really low key cast they definitely did a solid job.
  5. Liked the movie, I'll have to check it out.
  6. First episode is decent. Interesting character. The accent makes him stand out IMO too. We'll probably give it a chance as it goes on. Wife seems to like it. She's into ghosts, demons, angels and stuff like that (like in Supernatural).
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