NCAA Football Playoff System?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Snowman, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. So, with there being a lot more discussion lately about a playoff system for College Football, how would you do it? Would you want 4/8/16 teams? Should the teams be decided by conference champions, by rankings, or by a selection committee? Do you like the current BCS System (lolhellno) and don't want things to change?


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  2. 4 teams would be fine for me. Take the top 4 teams in the BCS standings and put them in BCS Bowls. The winners play in the NCG. Pretty simple
  3. That's simple enough, but I wonder how much it will stop the bitching. Yeah, it would shut people up for a little while because it's progress, but 3-4 years down the road people will cry about the one-loss Team #5.

    I think it's more about how you determine the teams than how many teams, especially if we wind up with 3 SEC teams in the top 4 again.
  4. Honestly I don't give a damn about #5, I just want to prevent shit like 2004 (I think it was) when Auburn was undefeated and was left out when USC demolished Oklahoma in the NCG
  5. I would love the new draft, the only thing keeping me back is the fear that my Badgers would be first round disappointments, man we need to get a w to end the season when it's not sponsored by Capital One.
  6. Sounds like the stole my idea

    Basically a committee chooses the top 4 teams, they play in BCS bowls, and the national championship game is bid on by cities ala the Super Bowl or the Olympics. Sounds like a win/win/win for everyone. Won't be put into effect for a couple of years
  7. "Basically a committee chooses the top 4 teams" :yes:. This needed to happen. I was worried about the top 4 teams nonsense, and 3 SEC teams were in the top 4 last year so that wouldn't have cut down on the complaining one bit. #PUMPED
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