NFL NCAA Football Season 2014-2015

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  1. Well I figured I'd start this up since it's only a short bit away, not sure how many of you are into college football but I'm pretty into it myself and figured I'd make a thread if anyone wants to discuss.

    The championship this year will be decided via winner of a 4-team playoff bracket which I can see being between about 4-6 teams currently; although we'll see how the season plays out and then come back to it.

    Some big news came out today, Braxton Miller is looking to be out the remainder of the season due to re-injuring his shoulder.. Some (even around here in Columbus, OH where I'm at) are in major doubt that OSU will accomplish anything this year.. Personally I am not one of those people; I'm a big fan of JT Barrett and think he could provide some awesome plays in the absence of Braxton.. if all else fails we have a black Tebow-like college player named Cardale Jones who may be able to pull out some good wins.. The schedule for OSU isn't that tough so I imagine the loss of our starting QB won't be too detrimental.. hopefully.. :emoji_slight_smile:

    My projected winner for the National Championship this season is Florida State out of the ACC.
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  2. I never doubt Ohio State. Those guys always pull something out of their a**
  3. I was at work the other day and my friend was talking about college football. He was shocked about how little I cared for it because I am the biggest NFL fan he knows.

    I tried to name 10 NCAA players and made it to like 6. And Miller was one of them, and he's done now.
  4. I don't know much about college ball. The only team I really follow is Maryland. I usually watch some big-name teams like Florida State, Oregon, and the like when nothing else is on.
  5. SEC on CBS >>> NFL.
  6. I may watch a few SEC games...or at least the pre games for Tebow.
  7. Is Tebow an analyst now? News to me.
  8. Yeah, for SEC On ESPN.

    I haven't cared for NCCA Football since Tebow was playing. After that I could care less about anything.
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  9. Fair enough
  10. I stopped watching it for awhile after like Vince Young and Matt Leinart =/ but now I watch it strictly to scout up and comers who may make nice NFL players.
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  11. subbing to the thread and looking forward to UT's 4th straight 5-7 season woooooooooo
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  12. Optimism at its finest :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Can't wait to not know anyone on Penn State's roster for the 4th year in a row.
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  14. They got a lot of solid recruits coming in this season a pro-style QB, 2 4-star recruit WRs, a sick looking TE.
    Defense is looking solid on the recruit end too, they got 2 3-star safeties which ain't have bad.
    I'd monitor them closely this season man, if the chemistry gets built early between the freshmen skill position players they could be something special the following season.
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  15. :lol1:

    How's this: I expect the team to look a lot better but still wind up 5-7 because our schedule's pretty ridiculous. :otunga: And while there's a lot of hotshot recruits that sound like they're fun to watch, but recent years have taught me to be skeptical. Damn you Lane Kiffin!

    Oh, and Auburn for the national title, winning 4+ games via fluky double-swat TD's.
  16. College sports are so meh.
  17. better not be Auburn.. Winston all day IMO FSU will take it this year.
  18. Welcome to College Football post 2000
  19. I miss when college football was still entertaining.
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