Neck feels weird

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  1. It feels like it's been stretched a lot and I can barely swallow anything. Anyone have an idea what's going on?
  2. You have been sucking too much of Shadow's dick and need some rest.
  3. So many innuendos
  4. Need cereal answers. My neck hurts.
  5. I would recommend some sort of heating remedy. I would say aspirin, but, you can't swallow anything. Also, you've set up alot of jokes, bruh.
  6. Strep or mono
  7. Coco pops.
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  8. I doubt it strep. My neck... it feels really stretched out. It's weird. And every time I look down, it's like my passage shuts so I can't breathe.
  9. Smoke weed.
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  10. It's probably some horrible disease according to WebMD
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  11. yea I knew a guy who's neck hurt once.

    he's dead now.
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  12. Maybe put a hot pad on it to try and sooth your muscles.
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  13. most likely it's swollen lymph nodes.
  14. Wow guys. I'm going to die. Goodbye world. :upset:
  15. haha hurts like how?
    could've just strained it, I've done that numerous times fully stretching out on accident.
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    Sounds like you may have a mildly pinched nerve. Possibly even anxiety.
    When you have a neck injury, you can feel pain, tightening in the throat, stiff shoulders, foggy headed, tired, dazed, even high like because oxygen is either being rushed to the neck or pulled away. Ice helps. Take two tennis balls and put them in a sock, tie the sock so the balls are together and lay on the ground with the balls pushing your occipitals. This will release tension and help increase blood flow. If it is anxiety, focus on breathing, drink something hot or cold. Try taking a very cold shower.
  17. Is it inside your throat or around your neck? If it feels like you can't sallow anything, I say blend something up and use a straw to eat for now and defiantly make a doctors appointment ASAP.

    If it's an achey pain, Get some warm water on a tea towel and place it where you feel the most pain.
  18. Kind of both. I feel it on the end of my neck and it's just weird. It's like forcing me to keep this position.

    I don't have tennis balls, so I'm out of luck there. But my neck is forcing it to do this weird thing.

    See how his neck is going up like that? It's forcing me to do that and if I bring it down, it hurts and I can't breathe/swallow.
  19. Is it getting worse? Neck pain can be very serious. If it's daytime where you're at, you might want to see a doctor just to be safe. I had a slipped disc in my neck last year and it felt similar to what you're describing. Have you been playing sports recently? If you've been taking some bumps, your spine may be a little out of joint.
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  20. It feels the same as before. I haven't been doing any sports, but I have been working out. But I haven't really worked out like in 2 days and did shoulders on Monday. So kinda weird. I'll probably go to the doctors tomorrow.
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