Need a movie

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  1. Its raining, and will be all day need some movies to watch

    gimme some suggestions
  2. What genre do you want?
  3. Super 8
  4. Final Destination 5.
  5. Source code?
  6. Can't go wrong with a bit of Anna Faris so why not try What's Your Number? It's worth seeing just for all the topless Chirs Evans :surprised:
  7. I Am Number Four
  8. Warrior
    Pulp Fiction
    A Clockwork Orange
    Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
    Gangs of New York

  9. '
    Already have it

    Same with other one (havent watched friends say its gay)

    Seen it ***** and a plane at the end :emoji_grin:

    Have Warrior downloaded, havent seen it ( like 2 hours long)

    havent downloaded the rest,.
  10. Seriously watch Warrior also Bronson is a really good film.

  11. I think ive seen it (somewhere in the movie hes in a sports arena I think football?)
  12. Yeah, watch Warrior.

  13. Seen it, like #20 lolol

    Been watching Dexter shit goes hard, but it feels like a movie day or Im gonna go try and chill with some people :emoji_grin:

    I watched like 20 mins so boring :emoji_slight_frown:
  14. I've seen season 1 of Dexter, thoroughly enjoyed it. You finished House yet? Or you could always watch Supernatural.
  16. - Drive
    - Blue Velvet
    - Donnie Darko
    - Eraserhead
    - Nosferatu
  17. The Garden State
  18. State of the Union
  19. Inbetweeners Movie
    The Lincoln Lawyer
    Red Eye (10/10)
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