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  1. My sound is not working on my laptop. When I go to my sound management device under control panel, it says it is not working properly...?

    Any idea on how to fix it?
  2. That happened to me too! 8D

    You can go RIP on your speakers.
  3. Need a screenshot of the error, this is no where near enough detail for anyone to be able to help.
  4. Reinstall the related drivers, see what happens.
  5. @[Crayo] I tried to disable, the renable, but when I disabled, the device completely deleted itself :((

  6. I've already wrote my eulogy for my speakers!

    RIP Right Internal Speakers. You have lived your life for 4 years, playing Fozzy songs most of the time. I blame Rich Ward, Billy Grey and Paul Di Leo for being too awesome for playing lead, rhythm, and bass (respectively). I was wishing Christopher Irvine could fix it up, because his voice is so HEAVENLY. :((


    Right click, then tick "Show disabled devices".
  7. I have a problem with mines as well, it thinks I'm called Jack for some reason?

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  8. Where do you right click??
  9. Go to the BIOS and see if the onboard sound is enabled. If it's set on AUTO, then check your drivers.

    Lol if Hannah's post fixes it.
  10. Not sure why, but all of my sound tools were disabled on BIOS. I re-enabled it. It made me troubleshoot it, and it fixed the errors.

    Thanks! <3
  11. Near "No audio devices..."
  12. No worries bud.
  13. Oh, so you're some kind of computer expert now eh?

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