Need help from phone users who are with "Orange".

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. It's telling me that my "current balance" is £473.87. If that means how much I owe them then that's obviously wrong, as my contract has unlimited texts and minutes and I still have 1012.4MB remaining of internet. I've read online that it does in fact mean how much I owe them, but those answers were from questions asked like 5 years ago.

    One user said it's how much like credit you have remaining, as I know unlimited doesn't actually mean unlimited. Need help though because fuck being charged that much mistakenly.
  2. Did you get that figure by calling 150? If not, do that.
  3. No, I went to as I got a text saying my bill was ready. I just called 150 and it tells me it can't tell me how many minutes I have left as I either "don't have that bundle" or because I'm on Unlimited. I then went to see my usage of todayh and I somehow owe them £0.25p, but if I have unlimited texts/phone calls and haven't sent any picture messages, downloaded paid apps/ringtones or gone over my internet usage then how can I owe that?

    Screenie of what it says online:


    Tried asking for full details of my bill on 150 but it just tells me to go online and I need to upgrade my account or something to access that bit. Such a hassle.
  4. Update; Just checked on the "Your Orange" app (which is a lot simpler than their freaking website) and it says all I've spent this month is that 0.25p, which is fine as I've sent a picture message this month. Then it says beneath it that my balance is again what it says in the screenie, I just have no idea wtf it is. Whether it's what I owe or whether it's what I somehow have.
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