Need your help.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Nov 9, 2013.

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  1. The temporary accommodation I am in Sucks. The cleaners managed to somehow ruin my signal here so I even lost TV. Yep, I have no Internet apart from limited mobile data usage and no TV. It's okay crayo, at least your Mrs is there. No. She's gone for 5 days. Wtf do I even do now? I am so so so bored. I can use my xbox but the only offline game I like playing is Fifa and I don't have that until tomorrow.

    I'm contemplating buying dvds and series box sets just to watch and waste time. Inb4 anyone suggests going outside in the real world. Ain't nobody got time for your trolling.
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  2. Defo buying scrubs box set.

    Edit: bought
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  3. Go out into the real world and talk to those things called humans.
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  4. Nice one ignoring the Inb4. Dick
  5. Well I am what I eat....wait....
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  6. Masturbate.
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  7. Should have inb4d that as well.
  8. Sext me.
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  9. Don't even have your number now. :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. Become a doctor.
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  11. You must not have much of a collection of DVDs or music, otherwise this wouldn't be a problem.
  12. Become an electrician, learn how to golf.... Ride horses!
  13. Ofc

    No dvds and I've been listening to music on my phone, but I don't have much on here and have limited Internet/battery.
  14. Dress up as Sherlock Holmes and solve mysteries.
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  15. You guys have been a great help so far.

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  16. Get a cat and mouse. Play with them.
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  17. Fap furiously.
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  18. I'll give you the phone # of Joey Ryan, have a mutual sleaze party with him.
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  19. Man, fuck. Should have known you were in some other asinine predicament. Totally thought you were drunk, why else would you come up with this inconceivable concept of actually popping up and talking to us here on your own website!? "man ir so drunkkkkk hahaha tink I'll fcuk wit dem n00bz on da wrasslin site", damn you certainly seem drunk with your backstabbing ways today that's for sure.

    But no, you're just bored as shit, so we're merely your last resort for something to do. Great to know you think so highly of us! :otunga: Ass. You can go take our shitty support and shove it. :tough:
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