Negative fan reaction after PPV; "refund" chants heard

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Oct 7, 2013.

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  2. The fans decided to make noise AFTER the show went off the air? That was one of the worst ppv crowds i've ever seen, and i've been watching since 1997.
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  3. Hahahah Buffalo.
  4. Tough shit. If I buy tickets to a Saints game and it sucked, I wouldn't ask for a refund. Those WWE fans need to stop being dumbasses, obviously if they watched the build up to the show and everything, they would have got a good guess on how the Pay-Per-View were to turn out.
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  5. Gohan lead the chants.
  6. Can't blame 'em. From what I heard they were excited about the ME and especially the Rhodes family... also Punk until Ryback killed the crowd. Would you be any different?

    It's a shame that whatever cable company it was set a precedent that you can get refunds for WWE PPV's, after Night of Champions gave refunds for a more satisfying finish than this don't they have to give some for tonight too?

    Wait, what if the refunds will wind up being part of the storyline? What if that's what leads to Vince's face turn?
  7. I'll address the part where you questioned if I'd be different. My answer is yes. I wouldn't spend my hard earned money and sit at a WWE ppv event (Something i've never been to) and bitch and moan. I'm smart enough to look at the card and come up with an idea on what I think would happen. If I was there I would have had a few beers and enjoy myself regardless. That's just me though

    I thought the event was pretty good to be honest, there was some good wrestling going on. Some of the matches weren't built up properly (R. Truth) but outside of that they all were pretty good at telling the stories they set out to tell. The ending was alright, because I know what they are doing.

    Anyways, I agree with you about that cable company. I can't believe they would even think about giving money back. It just opens them up for the same kind of stuff to go on further down the line. I would imagine people will ask for it, even if they enjoyed the show to see if they can.
  8. If you listen carefully they say you can still hear "OH HELL NO!" On the wind.....

  9. But they were relatively loud throughout the entire night. The pops in the Shield/Rhodes family match were huge, especially for the ending.

    And hey, that PPV would've killed my mood too. It'd suck paying upwards of $100 on a PPV realizing it's complete filler nonsense that means absolutely nothing.
  10. If you didn't know that going in, you deserve to have $100 taken away from you.
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  11. But you can enjoy yourself throughout the night and still be disappointed.

    I went to see Aerosmith (somehow one of my all time favorite bands) in May. I spent over two thousand dollars to go to another state and see them up close. At the concert I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was great. The quality of the concert, however, was pretty shitty. At the Concert I didn't really care because it was Aerosmith who had never been to Australia at a time when I was a live before, but afterwards I was pretty bummed out. I still loved the entire experience whilst I was there, however when looking back at it it was not worth anywhere near what I paid and I feel pretty ripped off for what little they actually did do (they played for an hour and a half whilst the opener played for two).
  12. People should go into PPV's expecting it to turn out shit, and if they don't realize that they shouldn't be upset about it? Is that seriously what you're trying to say?
  13. No lmfao That was a pretty clever attempt of manipulating my words. You said it was filler, no? Did you not expect that going in?

  14. Yeah, I re-read what you quoted of me after. My bad, didn't mean to make it seem that way.

    Even if it is filler, that shouldn't excuse the quality of the show. I can't speak for what you thought of it, but I found the quality match-wise to be fairly sub-par compared to the last few PPV's. And, the endings to the two main events, filler or not, were a complete slap in the face to the audience expecting to see any pay off.
  15. Pretty hard to compare a $2,000 investment into something you have always loved (pretty sure you've told me about your love for aerosmith several times)to a $100-300 wwe ppv event. Quite a difference in price, and chanting "refund" to me just seems petty. That's just me

  16. I only spent $500 on the ticket and I didn't find the rest of the week to be a ripoff at all. I did lots of other things. It was the first time I'd ever been interstate, actually D;

    Money is still money. When you get given shit, expect to hear angry customers.

    (I'm not saying they should get refunds, but they do have every right to be pissed off)
  17. I understand what you're saying. I guess I just view it differently and thought that the quality of the matches were good. Got a hardcore match, got a bionic elbow, got cesaro spinning' khali. Ryback vs Punk was underwhelming and the Truth match didn't have much build. When they noted that Triple H and Steph weren't there I expected DB to just get straight screwed, instead of big show also hitting Orton. I thought the returning fired ref was a good touch. I didn't hate it.
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  18. That's a great point about having a ball if you're going to a show, any show. That being said Going into this show, you should have expected very little (as you said) They've been making sure to not give definitive finishes to the title feud, so there wasn't much reason to believe this would be different (or if you prefer, you know this show was filler going in so there won't be a satisfying payoff), there was a bunch of matches with no build at all, and a match with Ryback in it. If you paid $60 expecting anything different, that's on you. But I can understand going to this show only caring about the main event or something like that.

    From what I heard from people who streamed it, this was actually a surprisingly good show. There was a whole lot of entertaining stuff on it and some unique moments like the crab-walk, so glad you enjoyed it bro.

    I don't see how the guys who asked for refunds have a case. They got what was advertised, but... oh, whatever.
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  19. when I read what the finish was :russo:
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  20. I guess when you sum it up like that it wasn't too bad. I personally really liked the ADR/RVD match and the Rhodes Family/Shield match, especially the latter of the two. But when you look at the rest of the PPV you can't help but feel at least a little ripped off when you look at the quality of the last few shows.

    Oh well. Either way, I guess its good to end a silly online argument in a non-"you're a fucking idiot you fucking douche and so is your mother get a life" way
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