Negative Feedback for Wade Barrett

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Saylor, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. - Wade Barrett is getting a lot of negative feedback on Twitter for changing his theme song recently. Barrett replied to fans:“If people keep telling me how much they hate my new music, i’ll change it. I REALLY respect the opinion of other people. I’d rather stick a fork in my eye than hear End of Days again.”

    Source: wrestlenewz
  2. Everyone spam him on twitter NOW!

    Get him to change that downright awful music.
  3. I could see why End of Days sucks for Wade but hey Wade's awesome he actually respects the opinion of people. Than again he is awesome his pro was Chris Jericho!
  4. I think he'll change it soon :emoji_slight_smile:.
  5. Thank God he is finally admitting people hate it. At first he said it was being well received, then threatened to block you if you said something bad about it, and I guess he's coming around. I had sent him a few messages on Twitter pleading with him

    brb, sending more messages. I'm a Barrett mark, and he deserves a better theme.

    edit: lol @ his last tweet: I base ALL career decisions on advice from Twitter users.
  6. Won't be surprised if he's trolling, but he does need a new theme now.
  7. Seems genuine to me. He must have been told by thousands of people how bad it is by this point...
  8. Yeah but he's like Jericho on twitter, constantly insulting fans. It's gold.
  9. Even if WB likes the song, he can't possibly think it's a good fit for his character
  10. Lol no way, I prefer Otunga's theme :facepalm:.

    I loved his Nexus theme, should of stayed with that.
  11. Nexus was a great theme, and End of Days was okay. Idk why he hated it so much, but he says he'd rather take a fork to the eye than hear it again lolol
  12. It was too soft and face like in my opinion. It was catchy, but it wasn't something you wanted to boo him for lmao. Would end up humming during his entrance.
  13. The new theme is fit for a lower mid card jobber. He is getting no reaction at all coming out to it. I'd rather people hum along than cringe and cover their ears
  14. Blame the booking for no reaction.

    He just needs a classic rock theme.
  15. Honestly he should just come out to God Save the Queen with a smug look on his face. He would get a ton of heat
  16. :clap::clap:
  17. I'm still surprised he has the stroke to change his theme in the first place
  18. End of Days was a better fit for him, but atleast he's thinking of the fans on this one. Even after the change.
  19. Wade Barrett @WadeBarrett Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    I base ALL career decisions on advice from Twitter users.

    Pretty sure he's trolling like I said before, but hey - I hope he does actually change.

    Also, this tweet made me laugh:

  20. His new theme is awful just doesn't suit his persona or anything.

    Haha God Save The Queen could work get the Sex Pistols version lmao

    And lol at those tweets @[Crayo]

    Barrett is fast becoming one of my fave WWE superstars right now and totally representing my are of the UK haha loves it!
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