Nelson Mandela

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. Didn't seem appropriate to open up a debate on the dude in his 'tribute' thread or whatever the fuck you want to call it, but I say its time we open that can of worms.

    Since he passed I haven't heard anyone do anything but suck this guy off for being some sort of hero. Believe me folks, Mandela was no Dr. King. In fact, fuck Nelson Mandela.

    You heard me. Fuck Nelson Mandela.

    Let me say it again. Fuck Nelson Mandela. That fucking squinty eyed fraud asshole terrorist scumbag puke never should have been let out of prison motherfucker.

    Let me stop right there. The funny thing is that some, ie most, will be taken completely off guard by my above post. They may even think its a joke considering the Ghandi-like pedestal that Mandela has been placed on by the history books. The following might be the biggest swerve in history history for many of you.

    Nelson Mandela was a scumbag traitor. He wanted to overthrow the government and eventually would. We can argue his government vs the apartheid if you want, I will actually get into that later. No doubt he introduced some improvements in some areas in South Africa, but at what cost?

    When he was sitting in jail for being a fucking TERRORIST Mandela 'signed off on' (his words, from his own fucking book) the Church Street Bombings which were carried out by his regime the ANCs. The bombings of the congressional building killed 19 and wounded 200 more. I get sometimes the 'end justify the means' but with human life? I fucking doubt it. And even if they did how is this glossed over when talking about him? Nobody acknowledges that his ass had a mean streak? You seriously just hear about him like he's a fucking saint.

    Anyhow, that shit happens in 83 (I believe.

    The apartheid come to Mandela in 85 like listen dude, people want you out of prison for some reason we don't know wtf, your charisma or something you slimy motherfucker, but just renounce violence, no more bombing and shit, and you're free to go.

    Mandela stoned face is like nah. I'm not renouncing violence yo. Yea, Nobel Peace Prize 8 years later nikkas!

    He is the biggest fucking fraud ever known to man and I can only venture to guess that the jews somehow have to do with him becoming this holier than thou mythical figure.

    I don't want to get into graphic details with the dudes history in terrorism, but rest assured it is more gruesome than you can even imagine. No, he wasn't on the front lines but this was the regime he was the leader of and he OK'd all of these attacks:

    For Christ's sake the US Gov't had the cat on terrorist status until TWO. THOUSAND. EIGHT.

    they were so unsure about this guy they gave him an extra 20 years of having not been bombing people before they gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    oh and while I'm talking, Invictus was a shitty movie. there, I said it. rugby? fuck that man, who gives a fuck?

    oh and final thoughts, did Mandela taking over and bringing democracy even make a squirt of piss worth of difference in South Africa? I mean honestly? Sure, democracy, cool, its working out great here.... truth is the government he set up is just as bad if not worse than the one he killed tons of innocent people to overthrow. oh and 20% of people in South Africa have AIDs lol just saying.

    The country is more violent now than before Mandela took over. There is more poverty. The dissension between races is at an all time high (because the leaders are racist fucks from what I hear, they are basically trying to insight race wars at every turn between whites and blacks)

    So yea. three cheers for Nelson Mandela everybody.

    hip hip


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  2. cheap pop for blaming the Jews
  3. that guys is one of those extra retarted conspiracy theorists I take it.

    The dudes pretty much blaming 9/11 on Jewish bankers. Marked.
  4. no idea it was just the most interesting looking link of the 3 I clicked. I didn't really read any of it
  5. I stopped halfway through. Wouldn't read again/10
  6. ... nobody was asking you too

    point was jews can be blamed for anything

  7. Stole my gif
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  8. CR jew gifs are underrated
  9. Clearly the work of the Illuminati.
  10. It's true. I suggested Dio,they said Nelson. My fucking people never listen to me :sad1:
  11. Funniest thing is he was supposed to be fighting against oppression... of what exactly? He was so oppressed that he got top notch education and became a fucking lawyer

    woe is me, better overthrow the government and get my own racist communist regime in

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  12. So many cheap pops
  13. That's my cue!

    Uh yet ok, it ashley the #Crayluminati
  14. He's saying injustica which obviously means injustice.

    Looks like Oh opa, dos? Meaning oh man, two?

    That is all.
  15. not listening blah blah blah jew gifs jew gifs
  16. Hey, commit hate crimes all you want, but leave my precious CR7 out of it! :tough:
  17. I'm going to go fap to his shirtless pics while thinking of the hateful things he has to say about jews
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